Awesome / The Parkers

  • In "Squatter's Right", Nikki, after years of taking crap from the Professor, stands up to him and calls him out on his rude treatment of her, even after she saved his life in the previous episode "Til Death Do Us Apart - And Make It Soon" and gave him a place to stay after he became homeless and lost his inheritance. She even gives him a Shut Up, Hannibal! mid-sentence and takes the extra mile by stating that he's not even that attractive.
  • Andell gets one in the finale. When the Professor heads to Nikki's apartment to confess his love, he runs Andell, who tries to convince him not to. Seeing that he doesn't listen, Andell tells the Professor to get Nikki's coat from the closet. When the Professor asks which one, Andell shoves him in the clock and blocks him in.
    Andell: The Professor, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to let you ruin Nikki's life.
    • She also pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment by saving Nikki, The Professor, and Kim from Elaine.
  • Kim, of all people, gets one in "Something's Watching You". When Freddie steals Kim's idea for a fashion intership, Kim gets him back at the award ceremony and proves to everyone that it was her design in the first place by having T unleash a swarm of bees on the model. Why? Because the wardrobe was designed to smell like flowers; Freddie just forgot to add the repellent lining under the clothing. Beware the Silly Ones, indeed.
    • She gets another one in "Quarantine", when Veronica breaks up with the Professor, not believing that he was dying or assumed to be and of course, visits the Parker residence. Que verbal altercation between her and Nikki about Nikki being up on her man. Kim then puts Veronica in her place and states that she has no right to come into her home and insult her mother in her presence.
    • And another one in "Unforgiven" where she reminds her grandfather to stop punishing Nikki for getting pregnant out of high school and putting off her schooling, when she really was just putting her education on hold just to raise his beloved granddaughter.
  • Nikki has been meekly ignoring her sister Constance's criticism of her lifestyle and friends in the Thanksgiving episode. But when you accuse Kim of being a liar, Nikki is no longer the submissive little sister but a Mama Bear who doles her sister an epic "Reason You Suck" Speech after this bit.
    Constance: Little sis...