* The prank scenes. All of them. In both movies.
!! The Hayley Mills version
* In the culmination of their prank war, Susan slaps Sharon in the face after the latter ruins her party dress. [[BewareTheNiceOnes Sharon replies with an equally vicious slap]] and the two get into a brawl.
* Susan [[CallingTheOldManOut calling out her Mother for separating the twins as babies and at her grandmother for forcing her granddaughter through what is likely the same education she received in the early 20th century]].
** Afterwards, [[HenpeckedHusband Grand]][[DeadpanSnarker father]], tells his wife their daughter and granddaughter need the space for an intimate talk.
---> For once I'm putting my foot down: LET THEM BE.
* [[MagnificentBastard Grandfather]] convincing his daughter to get a more updated hairdo and wardrobe. Meta on part it shows Margaret going from a beautiful yet stodgy Boston Debutante stuck in TheFifties awaiting a quiet middle-age to TheSixties as a sassy, mature mom getting her man back; on the other part, he makes it known how into the plan his granddaughters are devising.
* All of [[MagnificentBitch Margaret "Maggie" [=McKendrick=]'s]] interactions with Vicky and her Mother. She gets her man back and let's on that she is savvier than she looks.
* Meta. "For Now, For Always" for Maureen O'Hara (showing why it was expressed about her "that Dame can sing!") and for the Sherman Bros, who wrote it in the style of a Post-World War Two love song.
* Sharon and Susan pranking Vicky shows three things: how the girls came together and worked as a team along with showing how much savvier twin tweenage girls are than a grown woman.
* Meta: This wasn't Hayley Mills's first movie (the first being ''Film/TigerBay'', a thriller, and the second "Pollyanna") but she really personified two different girls with opposing traits and really played up their emotions.

!! The Lindsay Lohan version
* The fencing scene.
* What Hallie and Annie do to Meredith on the camping trip. ''Everything''.
** After being floated out into the middle of the lake on the air mattress, Meredith delivers an ultimatum to Nick: it's either her or the girls. His response? "Them." When she asks him what he said, he says, "T-H-E-M. Them. [[IronicEcho Get the picture?]]"
* Meta awesome for Lindsay Lohan, who plays Hallie, Annie, Hallie-as-Annie, ''and'' Annie-as-Hallie to near perfection. Whatever later troubles her personal life may have brought, anyone who says Lohan can't act can officially eat their words.
** Even more awesome when you consider that it was only her second acting appearance (her first was a few episodes in the TV daytime drama Another World)