Awesome / The Outsiders

  • This exchange between Two-Bit and the Socs:
    Randy: Listen, we got two more in the backseat...
    Two-Bit: (busts a soda bottle and giving it to Ponyboy, then snaps open his switchblade) Well, pity the backseat, pal!
    • In the movie, he breaks his bottle on a chain-link fence, whirls around to give it to Ponyboy, pulls out his blade, and holds it up to the Soc's throat, 'all in the space of two seconds. That guy may be a joker, but cross him, and you are screwed.
  • The climactic rumble scene, in both the novel and the movie.
    • And yes, the Greasers did come out on top. Ponyboy sure takes a beating, but he definitely helped Dally, who threatened the nurse with a switchblade to be there.
  • This line:
    Ponyboy: You know what a Soc is? White trash with mustangs and madras. (spit)
  • Two-Bit calling out Johnny's mother in the movie, telling her to go straight to hell.
  • Ponyboy and Johnny rescuing the kids from the church fire.
  • Meta-example. S.E. Hinton wrote a renowned book at a time when women weren't expected to author such material, and as a teenager, to boot.
  • Another meta-example: With the recent trend of people trying to get authors to change old works to be more "inclusive", S.E. Hinton was told to make Johnny and Dally gay. She denied this saying they are straight. She ended up getting massive backlash, and despite many writers at this point giving in to get it to stop, she took it all with a straight face and told them that if they way to think Johnny and Dally are gay they can think that, but she wrote the book, she decided that they are straight, and they can't make her change that.
    • YMMV. She wasn't told to make them gay, but instead asked whether or not they were. Her aggressive response is what sparked backlash, considering other authors have graciously responded with, "No, but your interpretation is just as valid as my intention." Instead, she asked immediately for textual evidence, and then went on a diatribe that struck many people as homophobic, complete with, "I have many gay friends..." She also went on to belittle her fans and refer to them as "little girls" when they might have well be people in the LGBT community seeking characters to identify with, especially given the copious amounts of Ho Yay throughout both the novel and the film. The awesomeness also completely got dashed away when she pulled the victim card and said she was being attacked for being heterosexual, completely disregarding that homosexual people actually get violently attacked and murdered every day for being who they are.