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Awesome: The Night's Dawn Trilogy
  • The maneuver which gives Joshua Calvert his nickname. The FTL drive doesn't work in a gravity field of any significant strength, so he plunges headlong towards the Lagrange-1 point between the planet and its moon where the pull of the two negate each other.
  • Laton, the Big Bad of the galaxy , gets one when he lectures his possessor on his failed logic and stupidity, right before he blows up an entire bitek island and its possessed population, to stop them from spreading.
  • Calvert gets a new one in the second book, when he detonates the Neutronium Alchemist device, turning a Jovian planet into a small star, and destroying Al Capone's ships that were following him. He even gets a one-liner for it:
    "No good! You can't dysfunction this chunk of reality, pal!"
  • Dexter gets a small awesome one-liner at one point:
    Satanist Mook: The whole Universe will bow before you, Quinn!
    Quinn Dexter: Yeah... the fuckers just might!

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