Awesome / The Nanny

  • In "Sunday in the Park with Fran", Maxwell and C.C. try to curry favor with theatre critic Frank Bradley, and to do so, they (at C.C.'s insistence) make Gracie go on a playdate with his son, Frank Jr., despite Gracie's insistence that she doesn't like him, and Fran's support of her. During the playdate, Fran hits Frank Jr. with a baguette because he was bullying Gracie. So Maxwell and C.C. arrange a meeting for Fran to apologize, but when he proves incredibly hostile towards Fran, Maxwell decides enough is enough:
    Maxwell: You know, Frank, I'm getting bloody tired of kissing up to you...
    C.C.: (interrupting) I'm not. Let me do it...
    Maxwell: Miss Fine was right from the beginning. I should never have forced my little girl to play with your son. Quite clearly, he deserved everything he got. And I don't care for what you think of my play, and frankly, I don't care much for you, either. Now, let me show you the door. (gesturing behind him without turning) It's over there.
  • During "Here Comes the Brood" C.C upsets Gracie by telling her that Fran only spends time with the kids because she is paid to and only pretends to love them. When Fran finds out, she sits down with C.C. and sets her straight, doing so in the most polite but still awesome way possible.
  • In "Call Me Fran", Niles finally tells Maxwell exactly what he's been thinking since The Thing.
    Maxwell: Niles, I don't know what [Fran] wants anymore! What am I supposed to do?
    Niles: May I speak freely, Sir?
    Maxwell: Yes, of course, old boy...
    Niles: I am so bloody sick of hearing this year after year: "Niles, what am I to do? I told her I love her, I took it back, I'm afraid of commitment, I'm worried about the children!" (*Grabs Max*) FOR GOD'S SAKE! MAKE A MOVE! DO SOMETHING! You passed on Cats! DO YOU WANT TO REGRET THIS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, TOO!?
    • Made better by what happens right afterwards. C.C. asks him what the shouting was about and he turns it to his favor.
    Niles: I was trying to convince him to give up on Miss Fine, and move on with his life.
    C.C.: *rushing in* I agree with Niles! What're you waiting for? Just do it, do it, DO IT!
    Niles: *walks away with a smug smile on his face*
  • When Max and Fran finally get married and Sylvia finally gets the opportunity to stand at the altar as a maid of honor for her daughter. When the priest asks for the objection on why the two shouldn't be married, Sylvia turns to the audience with a face that would stop a bull in its tracks, just waiting for someone to make her day...
  • When C.C. rejects Niles, he gives her a verbal beatdown that really shocks her and makes her think. It's probably the only time anything he says really gets to her.
    Niles: Well, at least I know when it's time to move on. You're going to spend the rest of your life pining for a man who doesn't love you and who's married a woman half your age!
    Niles: Look around you. They're married. They're starting a family. Where are you going to be 10, 20 years from now? You're going to be saying 'Merry Christmas' to your friends in rehab, and wondering what might have been!
  • Earlier on, Fran got her pretty good, too, namely by subverting Snark-to-Snark Combat. C.C. made her typical dig against her, and Fran merely retorts.
    Fran: Why are you being so hurtful? I got nothing; I make minimum wage, there's no man in my life. I'm probably gonna die alone like a dog. Here (*hands Chester back to C.C.)
    C.C.: Oh, Nanny Fine, I'm sorry. Oh, I feel just awful (*Leaves*)
    Fran: (*Gives a sly grin to the camera*) Got guilt?
  • Maxwell finally beating Andrew Lloyd Webber with Yetta's Letters, a play about Yetta's life as an immigrant.
  • Just as Niles and C.C. become official, there's a mishap with an elevator, and C.C. (along with Fran, who has just gone into labor) are trapped inside, the technicians unable to fix it. When Niles, Maxwell, and the rest arrive, C.C. decides to answer Niles's marriage proposal from earlier. She accepts. Niles lets out a Big "YES!", and forces the elevator doors open with his bare hands.
  • During the glory years of Niles' and C.C.'s rivalry, it was often Niles who came out better off. But in one subversion, C.C. magnificently got the better of him. Whilst at the theater, Niles convinces C.C. that Maxwell actually has four kids, and sends her off looking for the missing one. She returns to the house much later that night with a child in tow, and Niles rushes off in a panic, thinking that the kid's parents will be searching for him. However, C.C. was in on the prank the whole time, and she tops it off by refusing to pay the kid what she promised him, because: "You forgot to ask for your insulin."
  • In a Season One episode, Sylvia lies to her obnoxious brother-in-law Jack and his Rich Bitch daughter Marsha by saying that Fran is married to Mr. Sheffield. When the truth inevitably gets out, Marsha (who's wearing a green dress) starts mocking Fran for her job as a "servant," Maggie takes exception:
    Maggie: Who asked you anyway, you big green cow?!
    • Even better is when Jack starts insulting Fran, too, and Sylvia—whose ego started the whole mess—finally tells him off:
      Sylvia: Oh, shut up, Jack. At least she's got a job! I wouldn't trade my Fran for all the Marshas in Miami.
    • Also counts as a Crowning Moment of Funny (Fran's comeback "Maggie!'s turquoise") and Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.