Awesome / The Muppet Show

  • Ethel Merman outdoes Miss Piggy by belting a note capable of shattering glass.
  • The Swedish Chef becomes the first Muppet in history to block Miss Piggy's karate kick (admittedly with a pot lid for a shield, but still...). Bonus: Miss Piggy was extremely rattled by the block
  • Harry Belafonte singing "Turn the World Around" on The Muppet Show. (And not just the song, but the unique mask-like Muppets were incredible too.)
    • How awesome was that song? Statler and Waldorf didn't even snark at it. Instead they joined in.
    • Gonzo actually performed his trumpet correctly.
      • This performance was so beloved by Henson that Belafonte performed the song at his funeral.
  • In the fifth season episode with Marty Feldman, they had an awesome song "A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight". During the song, a good number of Sesame Street characters come out and sing their theme with Fozzie and the others joining, then another verse of "Hot Time". To top it all off, the song featured Fozzie, Cookie Monster, Grover, and Bert singing. All of them are voiced by Frank Oz (and usually puppetered, although that obviously wasn't a possibility for this). That meant Frank Oz had to sing at least a portion of the musical number four times. See it here.
  • Buddy Rich vs. Animal: Drum Battle of the Century!
    • Animal, the most manic Muppet ever, tires out and Buddy continues playing for an entire minute afterwards, to Animal's goggle-eyed shock.
  • When Kermit found out Miss Piggy planted a false story about them getting married in Vegas, Kermit snaps at Piggy and fires her. (Guest star Loretta Swit briefly took over Piggy's roles on Veterinarian's Hospital and Pigs In Space.) Yeah, Piggy gets rehired in the end but still, after five seasons of having to put up crap from Piggy and the other assorted madness behind the scenes, seeing him getting pissed and yelling at the top of the lungs was a sight to behold.
  • Rudolph Nureyev's appearance. During the show's first season, they had a lot of trouble getting celebrities to appear on the show and often had to appeal to personal favors. Then Nureyev actually approached Henson and asked if he could appear, and suddenly made that job a whole lot easier. For himself, Rudolph really got to shine not only in ballet, but also paying tribute to Fred Astaire with a superb tap song and dance number of "Top Hat, White Tie and Tails".
    • Plus his partner in "Swine Lake", who's able to keep up with one of the greatest ballet dancers ever while wearing a very bulky costume.
  • In the "Put Another Log on the Fire" musical number, Candice Bergen plays a frontier wife whose husband keeps demanding that she do various chores while he just sits by the fire. Suddenly, she retaliates, swaps her clothes for a Women's Lib outfit and threatens him with a shotgun before shooting her way out the door.
  • The man sized Muppet managing to punch Rita Moreno during a skit where she has been tormenting him non-stop and gets the last laugh by managing to literally kick her out of the bar they're in.
    • And then Rita in turn smashing Animal in an enormous pair of cymbals after the drummer keeps screwing around while she's trying to sing "Fever."
    • Rita finally got the last laugh; she won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Variety or Musical Show for her stint with the Muppets, which made her only the third person in history (after Richard Rodgers and Helen Hayes) to achieve the EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony).
  • Bruce Forsyth gets karate chopped by Piggy and promptly starts fighting back.
  • The epic pirate battle at the end of the Glenda Jackson episode.
  • In the Connie Stevens episode, Ernie and Bert guest star. Bert is nervous, Ernie tries to trick him into making a fool of himself. The result is Bert belting out "Some Enchanted Evening" and dancing with Connie Stevens. Seeing Ernie's reaction as his prank fails magnificently sells the whole thing. (Though he still gets one last dig at Bert in the end.) See it here.
  • Most fans will admit that seeing Beaker finally getting back at Bunsen and chasing him around the theater with his many, many clones in the Mac Davis episode was pretty awesome and much-deserved.
  • The whole episode with the Star Wars characters, and Mark Hamill, pure concentrated genre parody silliness at its best. Perhaps climaxed by the one thing that can stagger the Mighty Chewbacca.
  • This exchange between Sam the American Eagle and Alice Cooper:
    Sam: Let me come right to the point. You, sir, are a demented, sick, degenerate, barbaric.. naughty.. freako!
    Cooper: Why, thank you!
    Sam: ... Freakos one, civilization zero.
    Cooper: [makes a "one point for me" mark in the air]
  • Rich Little does a takeoff on Fozzie, to which Waldorf and Statler say he's too funny for it to be a good impression. He retaliates by doing an impression of them.
  • In the George Burns episode, George handles Fleet Scribbler, a gossip column writer who, as Kermit says, will do anything for sensationalism, in truly epic fashion, using each question to segue into a joke.
  • An awesome moment for the production team; during the Brooke Shields episode, in which the whole half-hour was devoted to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, they designed an original Jabberwock Muppet for a recitation of "Jabberwocky" which looked almost exactly like John Tenniel's original illustrations.
  • In the Lola Falanna episode, Gonzo prepares to leave the Muppet Show, and he is replaced by "Trevor the Gross," who immediately starts to hit on Camilla. Gonzo takes this in stride, until Trevor tries one of Gonzo's stunts. That's enough to make Gonzo want to stay. Of course it all goes horribly wrong, but Gonzo's artistic integrity will not be besmirched!
    Gonzo: That's it! You can steal my job, you can steal my girl, but you will not steal my act!
  • Shirley Bassey's Genre Savvy entrance into the theater, freaking out Pops by pulling an alligator out of her pocket.
  • When Bruce Forsyth does a comedy number, Statler and Waldorf typically try to heckle him, only to find out that he can even out-heckle them! Bruce even helps Fozzie get some long overdue payback on their trolls in residence!
  • In the Candice Bergen episode Fozzie does a running gag that involves telling Kermit there's a delivery for him and handing him objects as puns. The final gag has Fozzie pouring flour on Kermit which Piggy witnesses and responds to with karate chopping Fozzie. Kermit himself gets even with Fozzie by turning the delivery joke on him and delivering a Pie in the Face.
  • The Phyllis Diller episode has a sketch about a purple creature with an air horn nose called Hugga Wugga that sings a song that repeats its name a lot. Hugga Wugga threatens other creatures into singing its song and anyone that doesn't agree gets blasted by steam from its nose. A yellow creature starts singing You Are My Sunshine and dodges all of the enraged Hugga Wugga's attacks and even manages to continue singing after its head gets blasted off. The sketch finishes with a shocked Hugga Wugga leaning close to see if what it's hearing is actually real and the creature blasts Hugga Wugga with steam from its neck.
  • In the Lesley Ann Warren episode karma catches up with Statler and Waldorf for all their heckling when Gonzo's act involves riding a motorcycle into their balcony box. Especially one for Gonzo who has a moment of being Crazy-Prepared by chaining the two to their chairs so they can't leave and follows it up by having the act succeed.
  • In the Danny Kaye episode Rowlf gets one by being the first Muppet to intentionally dodge Miss Piggy's karate chop.
  • Kermit manages several on Miss Piggy in the Lynn Redgrave episode. First he dodges Piggy's karate chop, then when Piggy has her fellow pigs keep Lynn trapped in her dressing room and attempts to take over as Maid Marian for their Robin Hood themed show Kermit leads the Merry Men to rescue her while leaving Piggy tied up and at the mercy of Gonzo.
  • In the Phyllis George episode Kermit manages to sweet talk Miss Piggy into not karate chopping him.
  • Christopher Reeve spends his entire guest appearance ducking Miss Piggy's advances and trying to get her to leave him alone, but true to form, she won't take "No" for an answer. When he finally gets her to take the message, she retorts with her usual angry karate chop.... Reeves just stands there and No Sells it. Well, the guy is friggin' Superman.