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Awesome: The Movement
  • In issue 2, Katharsis takes on Jack Cannon's security guards. She beats the snot out of several guards and takes a heck of a beating and tasers before she was captured. They eventually overwhelm her, she didn't go down gently.
  • Issue 4 has the Movement raid the police station to rescue Katharsis with the help of their followers and Rainmaker. Not even cop tanks and helicopters can stop them. It was so successful that the Movement's influence is starting spread across the country.
  • Near the end of issue 7, Burden has to go full demon in order to keep the Graveyard Faction from harming innocent people. The look on their faces says everything.
    Burden: Hello, sinners. Welcome to Hell.
  • In issue 8, Vengeance Moth beat Anguish unconscious using her old crutches and then destroyed the jammer the Graveyard Faction was using to keep the rest of the Movement from finding out what was going on. When Anguish comes to and realizes what Ven did to her, Ven just reveals exactly what she did and offers her a fruit snack.
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