Awesome / The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

  • 'Loonies' fight Earth's elite "peace" troops practically barehanded and win. Justified by a) the problems Luna's light gravity gives 'New Chums', b) the Loonies' tremendous numerical advantage, and c) their fury at having their homes - and their children - subjected to surprise attack.
  • Earth's Luna-facing side suddenly exploding in flashes of light as the 'rocks' strike home.
  • Shorty Mkrum's last stand. In fact, Shorty Mkrum.
    Shorty needed no help, nor ever would again - nor could I waste his last effort. For I did see that, while killing those guards, he was standing on one leg. Other was gone at the hip.
  • After the destruction of the catapult the Federated Nations announce their victory. Cue Mannie announcing they have another catapult.
  • Early in the book, discussing Hazel, Manny defines emotional adulthood as knowing you're going to die someday, and accepting it. Much later in the book, 'Mike' - by that definition - becomes an adult.