Awesome / The Moomins

  • The Groke saving Little My from the burning forest in one episode.
  • The Hobgoblin saving Little My from falling to her death in another episode
  • The Witch saving Little My from getting eaten by a giant fish in ANOTHER episode.
  • When Snork finally managed to get his second airship airborne for the first time. He had been working on it for the entirety of the show, it was so satisfying to finally see him fulfilling his dream.
  • Moomins and co. managing to scare off the Groke in her debut episode.
  • Ninni overcoming her fear and shyness. Biting Moominpappa's tail for trying to throw his wife into the sea is both awesome and hilarious.
  • Moomin and company getting even with Stinky after he imprisons the afromentioned Ninni in a cave by doing the same to him.
  • Little My charging a lion and biting it in order to save her sister. Turns out it's not a real lion, just two actors in a suit, but that doesn't make the act less impressive.
  • In the comic strip, when Moomin tries to build a house but is stopped by a stern Hemulen official because he doesn't have a building permit, Little My goes up to the building permit office and proceeds to make such a nuisance of herself that the official finally signs Moomin's building permit just to make her go away. Moomin is delighted when he gets the permit:
    Moomin: But you're so small! How did you manage?
    Little My: I threatened him, my dear.
  • In Moomins on the Riviera, Little My (who seems determined to make up for her Adaptational Wimp status in the '90 anime) takes on a shark twenty times her size. And wins — in the end the shark throws her ashore and flees with a terrified expression.