Awesome / The Monster Squad

  • Rudy's "I'm in the goddamned club, aren't I?"
  • And then Fat Kid, after killing the Gillman: "My name... is Horace!" *Cocks shotgun*
  • Dracula's car drove right through the police car.
  • Dracula effortlessly mowing through the cops facing him, before delivering a genuinely terrifying stare at Phoebe.
  • Frankenstein's Monster grabbing Dracula by the back of the neck so hard he has to lower Phoebe to the ground, then the Monster knocks him through the air to get impaled on a church fence.
  • Van Helsing's ghost grabbing Dracula in a chokehold and giving Sean a thumbs-up for a job well done.
  • Let's not forget Rudy's introduction when he saved Fat Kid from E.J. and the other bullies by forcing E.J. to eat Fat Kid's knocked-to-the-ground and stepped-on candy bar.
  • And who could forget the late but still awesome arrival of the U.S. military!
    Soldier: Alright son, where are the monsters?
  • Sean's father shoots Dracula out of the sky in bat form. One handed, while driving a car. No one else in any of Dracula's film appearances can claim such badassery.
  • Stan Winston gets one for his makeup and special effects work, specifically for his version of The Creature From The Black Lagoon (often considered one of the best versions of said Creature ever).
  • Rudy - a middle schooler - racks up the highest kill count of the Monster Squad, killing the Mummy with a bow and one of Dracula's wives with a crossbow, stabbing another wife with a wooden stake, and shooting the Wolf Man with a silver bullet.
  • Duncan Regehr deserves a nod. His portrayal of Dracula is often considered to be one of the best in cinematic history, blending the charisma of the Count with the all-out villainy of the vampire.