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* Irene, when she chucks a tin can of peas at Mrs. Carmody's face:
-->'''Irene''': Shut up, you miserable buzzard! Stoning people who piss you off is perfectly okay! They do it in the Bible, don't they? And I got lots of peas!
** And then Ollie goes and tops everything by finally [[spoiler:shooting Carmody as she was about to have David's son sacrificed]].
--->'''Ollie''': [[spoiler:I killed her.]]\\
'''David''': Thank you Ollie.\\
'''Ollie''': [[spoiler:I killed her]]. I wouldn't have done it if there had been any other way.\\
'''David''': That's why I said thank you.
* The scene with the roaming behemoth near the end is eerily beautiful and genuinely terrifying in a strangely subtle way. Quite a bit of people consider it the best scene in the whole movie.
* A meta-example. According to Website/IMDb's trivia:
--> ''[[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0884328/trivia "Stephen King says that he was genuinely frightened by this adaption of his novel; Frank Darabont described that as the happiest moment of his career."]]''
* At the end of the film, [[spoiler: David]] has well and truly [[MercyKill abandoned all hope]], and is calling out to the monsters within the mist to come and finish him off. Something massive approaches, obscured by the fog but sounding monstrous. Just when you're certain some grotesque monster is about to pounce, [[spoiler: A huge, armored TANK emerges from the fog instead]]. We are then treated to the sight of [[spoiler: a huge column of troops as they march down the road, [[KillItWithFire torching monsters as they go]], escorting survivors, and burning away the mist that seemed so omnipresent and undefiable mere seconds ago (this was doubly unexpected for those who read the book, where it's heavily implied that the Mist had spread across the whole planet)]]. [[CruelTwistEnding David's tragedy notwithstanding]], [[spoiler: [[HumansAreWarriors mankind has still risen to the challenge, the titular Mist is being driven back, and the otherworldly creatures are being slaughtered]]. It's not every day that humanity prevails in a CosmicHorrorStory]].
* Another meta-example: Harden's performance as Mrs. Carmody. It takes world-class talent to play a character the audience [[LoveToHate loves to hate]] instead of just outright ''hates'', and her performance is flawless. It won her a much-deserved Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress.