Awesome / The Mirror Has Two Faces

  • When Rose stands up to Alex after making out with him after she and Greg split.
    Rose: What did you mean by you must've loved me all along but didn't know it?
    Alex: I don't know (leans in for a kiss)
    Rose: Well figure it because I'd like an answer.
    Alex: Well I don't know Rose, I mean you were different then, you weren't the same as you are now...
    Rose: So how could you love me then?
    Alex: Well I, I loved you because who you were not because I wanted who you were.
    Rose: So now you want who I am because I wasn't who I was anymore?
    Alex: Okay?
    Rose: (snorts and laughs and starts getting up)
    Alex: Rose, what? Where are you going?
    Rose: You know something? I have dreamt about this moment from the first day we met. I've played it out in a million times in my mind: how you'd look, what you'd say, what you'd think. Guess what?
    Alex: What?
    Rose: You were better in my head.
    Alex: Oh Rose, Sugar, maybe I just had too much to drink.
    Rose: No! No! No! It's not you it's me. You see I don't feel anything, isn't that great? I never thought about how I would feel, I was only thinking about you! I only wanted to make you happy! I never thought I was good enough for you.
    Alex: But you are good enough for me, Rose, you are!
    Rose: I know I know! But Alex! You're not good enough for me!
    (Walks out of his apartment leaving him in confusion)
  • Meta. This movie got Lauren Bacall her only Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress and won her a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Golden Globe, and an award from the San Diego Film Critics Society.