Awesome / The Miracle Worker

  • In the 1962 film the breakfast scene, where Annie attempts to teach Helen table manners, is one of the most astounding eight minutes in cinema. The critic David Thomson considered it to be more violent than the climactic scene of Bonnie and Clyde, another film by the same director.
  • Helen's final Eureka Moment, taken straight from the true story as she suddenly realizes the connection between the "finger game" Annie has been doing with her and the water currently running over her hand. The symbols are the things. And just like that, this blind and deaf girl who spent her first seven years almost completely unable to express what's in her mind realizes that everything in the world has a name, and she eagerly drags Annie around to ask the names of several other things around them (actually quite toned down from how it really happened, as Helen drove her poor teacher to exhaustion doing this for hours).