[[AC:[[Film/TheMightyDucks The Films]]]]

* Fulton's "audition" to Bombay via slapshots to his car windows.
* In D2, during the final game against UsefulNotes/{{Iceland}}. The Iceland players have been making it very difficult for Russ to get off his infamous "knucklepuck" shot. After a timeout the Ducks return to the ice and play resumes. When the Ducks get possession of the puck they send it back to the goalie Goldberg -- only it's not Goldberg, but Russ! Once the Iceland players realize the ruse they rush to cover but can't make it in time, and Russ gets off a shot into Iceland's goal to tie the game. The Iceland coach's BigNo reaction shows just how much he did ''not'' want Russ to get that shot off.
* In D3, when Portman returns for the JV-Varsity game, the Varsity enforcer decides to check him just to see how tough he is. Portman proceeds to absorb the hit and send the enforcer ''flying in the air through the glass''.
** Coach Orion's speech about what confidence really means.
* A large number of the Ducks actors reunited for a selfie shoot to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ''D2: The Mighty Ducks''.
* From D3 we also get a few gems from Charlie in the finale; saving a shot by deflecting it with his chest, finally absorbing Coach Orion's lessons in two-way hockey, and the best one? the one that finally shows that he's gotten over his ego: when he takes the puck all the way for what looks like a surefire goal and ''passes it back to Goldberg before the opposing goalie could prepare for the shot.''
** Following this, naturally, Goldberg managing to sink the winning shot just as he gets tumbled by the defense.

[[AC:[[WesternAnimation/TheMightyDucks The Animated Series]]]]

''The First Face Off Pt.1''

* When Nosedive ''finally'' [[spoiler:learns how to pilot the [[SurpriseVehicle Aerowing]] and uses it to rescue everyone]].

''The First Face Off Pt.2''

* When Wildwing faces off with Dragaunus again, the Saurian leader once again turns [[InvisibilityCloak invisble]] and delivers another CurbStompBattle to the young Wildwing. That is until he tries to [[BreakThemByTalking break his spirit]], thinking that both Canard ''and'' the mask were lost. Wildwing gets inspired by Canard's last words and finally dons the mask. Awesome ensues.
-->'''Dragaunus''': You pathetic fool, you'll never see your friend again.
-->'''Wildwing''': No, no I don't believe you!
-->'''Dragaunus''': Deal with it, duck boy; Canard is trapped forever in dimensional limbo, along with the mask.
-->'''Wildwing''': (''Wildwing remembers Canard, gets up and puts on the mask'') [[TranquilFury Wrong, Dino-breath]].

''Take Me to Your Leader''

* Watching everyone try on the mask was kinda cool.
* When Wildwing comes back to the team in time to save everyone from the alien-plant monster.

''Zap Attack''

* When the ducks used some ''[[MundaneMadeAwesome squirt guns]]'' in order to fight the energy creatures that Dragaunus had unleashed.

''Phil in the Blank''

* When Wildwing ''borrows'' an experimental earth fighterplane.
-->'''Duke''': Relax, gommba; there's nothing you can tell a duck about flying!
** Turns into a moment of funny when Wildwing knocks down a nearby radio tower.
-->'''Wildwing''': Sorry!

''Dungeons and Ducks''

* The fight between the Ducks and the giant dragon version of Astroth from the fantasy-ish version of Anaheim.
** Who knew Duke's fascination with HeroicFantasy tales would make him so badass.

''Jurassic Puck''

* Grin, knocking a T-Rex senseless with a left hook!
* Tanya facing her (understandable) fear of dinosaurs.

''Beaks vs B.R.A.W.N.''

* B.R.A.W.N. (before his brain got zapped) of course being voiced by Creator/FrankWelker didn't hurt at all.

''To Catch a Duck''

* Duke and Falcone's sword duel inside the "Big Ben" clocktower.

''The Final Face Off''

* Wildwing and Prince V'Lara of Atlantis.
-->"No matter what it takes."

''Duck Hard''

* Klegghorn shooting and destroying the device that held the world's missile codes -- after being revived by a doughnut.