Awesome / The Men Who Stare at Goats

  • At the very end of the film, Bob McGregor manages to actually run through a solid wall.
  • During one of the tests, Lyn, Larry and Scotty are asked to describe what's inside a tiny, metal drawer, simply labelled K-9. Scotty declares it's something cylindrical, like a pencil. Larry, after making a show out of it, declares it's a tin mug. Lyn then says without as much as a blink it's a man sitting on a chair. Everyone looks at him as if he lost his marbles... and then Bill reveals it was a photo of the statue from Lincoln Memorial.
    • And in the very next scene Lyn is tasked with finding location of a kidnapped NATO general. He describes a place he never could have been before in detail and pin-points the building with the general, all while only looking at the photo of the guy.