Awesome / The Many Secret Origins Of Scootaloo

  • In the chapter titled "The Professor," Twilight bonds with, of all things, a ''Dalek'' (even going so far as to adopt it).
  • Fluttershy's chapter, where it's revealed that Fluttershy is the author of the Daring Do books. Her narrative is just as cool as the show's Daring Do.
  • Rainbow Dash casually revealing that she dropped out of high school because, duh, she couldn't go to high school and Hoofard at the same time. Yeah - she has a doctorate in Weather Analysis and a minor in Aerodynamics.
    • Not only is this awesome in-story but awesome on a meta-level. After so many writers making Rainbow Dash an idiot the reviewers were giddy that defender2222 made Rainbow a secret genius.