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Awesome: The Magnificent Seven
  • James Coburn as Britt gets two of his own: the knife vs. gun duel, and the infamous shot against the guy on the horse. "I was aiming for the horse!"
    • He also gets one by proxy in Chris's description of him:
    "If he's the best with a gun and a knife, with whom does he compete?"
  • Yul Brynner as Chris and and Steve McQueen as Vin are introduced with one as they calmly transport an Indian's body to the graveyard, faced with bigots along the way.
    (a gunshot hits Chris's cigar. Neither man so much as flinches)
    Vin: You get elected?
    Chris: (looking at his ruined cigar, slightly miffed) Nah. I got nominated real good though!
  • The entire cast - the villain included - has one during the first big fight, in which just about every line is quotable.
  • Yul Brynner gets one Behind The Scenes: During filming Steve McQueen was doing extra bits of this and that to draw the audience's eye to him - like taking off his hat to shade his eyes as he looks around just before they drive the wagon to the graveyard and bending down from his saddle to dip water with his hat as the whole crew crosses a stream. Finally Yul Brynner said to him, "If you don't stop that I'm going to take off my hat, and then no one will look at you for the rest of the film."

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