Awesome / The Lord of the Rings Online

Raids and Fellowship Instances:

  • The battle with Gortheron, especially Gandalf's Big Damn Heroes moment at the end.
  • Slaying Draigoch, a full-grown live dragon. (Also Thorog, a full-grown undead dragon).
  • Defying Saruman, breaking his Ring and getting away with it.
    • A certain Scavenger Hunt quest ups the ante - you must call him crazy to his face before the fight.

Landscape Quests

  • The session play "We Cannot Get Out", depicting the last stand of the dwarves of Balin's Company inside the Chamber of Mazarbul.
  • Rousing the Ents at the culmination of first the Eaves of Fangorn quests and then the Balewood quests.
  • On These Stones, in which you unite with various leaders in Rohan to take down a Black Númenórean, similar to Mordrambor from Volume I of the Epic Story.

Epic Quests

  • The first time a Nazgûl is fought and defeated, in Epic Volume I Book 4.
  • Epic Book 5, which takes place in the Misty Mountains. First, you slay a goblin leader, then you storm a Dourhand stronghold and slay their leader, and finally, you head into the Helegrod Treasury to face the Nazgûl again, and stop him and his allies from controlling a Dracolich. You only manage to banish the Nazgûl back to Mordor, and temporarily keep the dragon out of the enemy's hands, but WOW.
  • The two confrontations against Mordirith in the epic, first in Book 8 then Book 15.
  • Storming Mazog's throne room and taking him captive in Epic Volume II Book 7.
  • Storming Barad Guldur and killing Mazog at the end of Epic Volume II Book 9.
  • Helping Aragorn retake Pelargir and kill the leader of the Corsairs of Umbar in Epic Volume IV Book 2.