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Awesome: The Long Kiss Goodnight
  • "Mommy, are we gonna die?" "No, honey, they are. Should we get a puppy?"
    • "You're going to die screaming. And I'm gonna watch." And then later: "Die screaming, motherfucker."
  • Lots of classic one liners, most of them delivered by Samuel L. Jackson.
  • An amnesiac Samantha Cain has rediscovered something about herself (the fact that she can chop veggies like a pro) and is in the middle of a nice moment of family bonding. Then she balances the knife pointy end down on one finger, tosses a tomato into the air and pins it to the cupboard. Her family looks about as shocked as she is, and all she can say is "Chefs do that."
  • The previously mentioned Gun Fu at the end of the movie - using an Uzi-carrying corpse as a pulley to get to said Uzi and to shoot up a helicopter hovering 50 feet above. Followed by sliding down a separate string of Christmas lights and breaking the bulbs on the way down to soften the fall.
  • Charly takes out a carload of bad guys while ice skating across a frozen lake.
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