Awesome / The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The Book:

  • Peter hears Susan's horn sounding a call for help and rushes immediately to save her and Lucy, fighting off and killing the Savage Wolf and Captain of the White Witch's Secret Police, Maugrim. It's awesome enough that Aslan subsequently knights him as Sir Peter Wolfsbane, and the deed is twice referenced later on in Prince Caspian.
  • The rescue of Edmund. The White Witch is almost at the point of cutting his throat when her camp is abruptly stormed by a rescue party of centaurs, unicorns, and Talking Beasts.
    • Even more awesome in the film adaptation. Edmund is Bound and Gagged, and being watched by Ginabrik. One storm later, Edmund is gone, and Ginabrik is taking his place!
      • Shortly afterward, after Aslan negotiates with the White Witch for Edmund's life, there's this:
      The Witch was just turning away with a look of fierce joy on her face when she stopped and said,
      "But how do I know this promise will be kept?"
      "Haa-a-arrh!" roared Aslan, half rising from his throne; and his great mouth opened wider and wider and the roar grew louder and louder, and the Witch, after staring for a moment with her lips wide apart, picked up her skirts and fairly ran for her life.
  • Tumnus deciding to disobey the White Witches order and free Lucy TWICE - even though he knows what happens to people who get on her bad side. Then he runs into a pitched battle with no armor and no weapons. This is better shown in the movie, but it's implied in the book too. He basically follows Edmund's same path only it's not focused on very much in the book.
  • Everything about Aslan's return, starting with the Stone Table cracking in half and the words, "Yes. It is more magic."
  • Edmund has an Offscreen Moment of Awesome during the battle. At the beginning of the last chapter of the book, Peter recaps the battle to his sisters and explains how Edmund singlehandedly kept the battle from being lost until reinforcements arrived. Specifically, Edmund fought his way to Jadis and instead of trying to attack her, the mistake every other fighter was making, he attacked her wand, shattering it and destroying her ability to turn people to stone, which gave the Peter's Narnians a fighting chance. This moment was so Badass that the Walden Media film put it on-screen for us to see...and it is glorious!
  • The Professor gets Peter and Susan to at least start considering Lucy's fantastic claims to be factual by pointing out that they themselves admit that Lucy is disinclined to lie or spin tales, that under any other circumstance, they'd believe her over Edmund and that there's no evidence proving her false (this is also in the film).

The Film:

  • When the frozen waterfall is coming apart and the children are surrounded by wolves, Peter drives his sword into the ice and manages to keep himself, Susan and Lucy together as the waterfall comes down on them and washes the wolves away.
  • Aslan, having come back from the dead, brings an entire revived army to relieve the brothers' army and re-introduces himself to the White Witch teeth-and-claws first.
    • For extra punch in the film, it's implied by the POV camera angle that he outright bites her head off (and possibly swallows it whole).
  • In the middle of the final battle, the White Witch is using her wand to petrify most of the good Narnians. Edmund, a little boy with only a few days' worth of sword training, jumps down on her and smashes the wand himself.
    • Even better, he's outright aiming for it. Edmund realizes the advantage that it gives her. By taking away the wand's power, he's forcing her to rely on martial prowess instead of her magic, which only Aslan himself had the ability to counter. He's notably the only one shown outright trying to destroy the wand.
    • Edmund going from a whiny, traitorous, back-stabbing, lying kid brother willing to sell out his family to King Edmund the Just and being totally badass was pretty awesome, you gotta admit.
  • Peter. He's a teenager. He's given a sword and maybe a day or so of training. HE RUNS AT THE WHITE WITCH AND STARTS FIGHTING HER. Recap: this is a witch who is strong enough to break steel like barley sugar and turns people to stone. Some random kid holds her off with a sword he got as a Christmas present.
  • Lucy too. You fully expect her claims of a freaking forest inside the wardrobe to meet scorn. You also expect the older siblings to take her side regardless. What you don't expect is for her to get her snark on when she's proven right.
  • The post-mid-credits scene of the movie ends with the (empty) wardrobe opening, with sunlight shining out, and Aslan's roar.
  • A giant casually swinging away two Minotaurs with a single stroke.
  • The rhino charging the White Witch. He had to know he was about to die, but his King needed him, and he was damn well going to answer the call. This troper watched the scene most recently while on a treadmill and hit his maximum target heart rate four minutes into a cool-down!
  • Aslan himself is a CMOA for the CGI artists. Every inch of him moves like a real lion, is covered in fur (which is an animation nightmare), and blends seamlessly with the environment and characters. And a single frame of him could take over 10 hours to render.
    • In 2005. There are movies coming out today that can't pull something like that off.
  • Aslan showing up to the battle in all his majesty, and the witch seeing him and whispering, "Impossible!"
  • The centaur who serves as Peter's second in command. Fights at his side for most of the battle, charges the White Witch alongside the aforementioned rhino, takes out Jadis' Minotaur General and even trades a few shots with Jadis herself before getting turned to stone. Absolute badass to the very end. We salute you, Centaur!
    • His name is Oreius! And he's the hero Narnia deserves! And gets restored by Aslan too, of course.
  • No love for the red fox? He actually helps Aslan's war effort - and that includes lying to Maugrim's face, surrounded by wolves, about the human children's localization, while they are still around but hidden.
    • When the wolves figure they have been played and bring him to the White Witch, the fox begs his ruler to forgive him. When the witch refuses to, the fox coldly answers he wasn't talking to her - while looking at Edmund next to her.