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Awesome / The Last Spartan

  • The Chief using a dead Geth Juggernaut as equal parts shield and battering ram to knock over other Geth in the Therum ruins.
  • Tali saving the Chief from a rampaging Brute and making its head explode with dozens of pistol shots.
  • N'Tho's weapon: a Needler Shotgun.
  • While explaining the Pilgrimage to Chief, Tali gives him an anecdote about how Kal'Reegar brought home a Brute Gravity Hammer as a gift to the Rayya's Captain. Reegar was reportedly very injured in the process of acquiring it, and when Chief asks exactly how he did so, Tali says that he laconically replied "It wasn't easy."
  • Garrus giving Dr. Saleon a Karmic Death.
  • In Chapter 30, Saren gives a rather damning "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the Master Chief. Not only does it break the Spartan's infamously unshakable composure, but it also riles him up enough to break his concentration and allow Saren to nearly Curb Stomp an otherwise unstoppable One-Man Army.
  • Pretty much all of Chapter 31. We get a huge battle sequence with Saren's army vs. Forerunner Knights vs. The Flood vs. Master Chief's squad, the first three of which team up to take down Chief and co once he's rescued. They get curbstomped. And then, to stop Saren from getting away, Master Chief performs the Mass Effect equivalent of a Fastball Special, with help from Liara. And to wrap things up, after Saren gets away, the squad madly dashes back to the Normandy with the looming prospect of a radiation induced implosion of the Registry hot on their heels.
  • Chapter 33: There are Vanguard Hunters now and it's as awesome as it sounds.
  • They're back in Chapter 40. And kill a Geth Colossus without taking a scratch.
  • When confronting a small army of Rent-a-cops at Lorik Qui'in's office on Noveria, The Master Chief uses equal parts Badass Boast and The Long List to explain all the shit he's been through in his life up to this point and then asks them if they expect to do any better at killing him than The Covenant, Flood and Geth did. After pistol-whipping Stirling, who still likes her odds, thinking the Chief isn't the real thing anyway, the guards not only flee, but half of them wait patiently at the elevator because the other half leave without them.