Awesome / The Kirita Chronicles

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    Story Arc One: What Happened Before 

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

  • Kirita/Kirito's duel with Delano. On the poll run by Knowledgeseeker66, it was regarded as the best part of the chapter.
  • Kirita/Kirito defeating Po H.

    Story Arc Two: Welcome to the Death Game 

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

  • Kirita/Kirito managing to escape from Coper's trap.

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

  • Juho pulling a You Shall Not Pass! to protect Michiko and Heathcliff managing to save him before he is killed.

Chapter Eight

  • Kirita saving Akio in the dungeon and carrying him back to Tolbana
  • Agil making Kira shut up during the Boss Raid Meeting.
  • Kirita managing to completely outclass Akio in their duel without getting hit or scratched once.
  • Akio standing up for Kirita when Kira tries to foul mouth her.

Chapter Nine

  • Kirita managing to finish of Illfang and save Akio.

    Story Arc Three: Rise of the Guilds 

Chapter Ten

  • Heathcliff giving a verbal smack down on Godfree when the later tries to spread untrue rumors about Kirita.

Chapter Eleven

  • Akio defeating Kuradeel and Kurogage in a duel.
  • Kirita also defeated Zero, Yuusuke & Gin in a duel.