Awesome / The Hidden Fortress

  • The farmer's daughter stopping Matashichi and Tahei from raping Princess Yuki. Especially since she cannot bear seeing one of her people being sold off as a slave and was bought by the princess to be saved from slavery herself. Rokurōta is still away and the farm girl still continues to keep them at bay with a rock. Talk about complete gratitude.
  • Tahei's nervous Exposition Diagram that manages to save everyone's lives.
  • The fight between Rokurota and Hyoe.
  • A minor moment from Matashichi where he correctly states that Rokurota has been bullying them. Granted, he and Tahei are scoundrels, but you gotta give Matashichi credit for standing up to Rokurota like that, even just briefly.
  • The whole sequence of Rokurōta chasing down the soldiers and mowing them down on horseback.
  • The farmer's daughter trying to off herself to save Princess Yuki, but Yuki, knowing that another girl had been beheaded in her place previously, won't have any of it.