Awesome / The Heir Chronicles

  • The Warrior Heir has an absolutely stunning conclusion duel, close calls, dramatic thunder-and-lightning atmosphere, even a Heel–Face Turn. But what puts the icing on the cake is Ellen Stephenson's Moment of Awesome, arguably her best one in the entire trilogy.
    Wylie: Kill him now! This is what you've training your whole life for, Ellen! You're a killer! You were raised to destroy!
    [Ellen draws her sword and places its point at his throat.]
    Ellen: Be careful what you wish for.
  • The arrival of the Dragon in book three. After the Roses and the house of wizards who allowed the death matches in the first place are thwarted and humiliated, we get one sweet, sweet, Kick the Son of a Bitch through every surviving villain being Brought Down to Normal and subsequently made unable to hurt anyone again.