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Awesome: The Harmon Verse
  • Jack's rant at Bryan Ryan in A Different Point of View, Part I's version of "Dream On"
  • Mitchell's verbal explosion at Santana during A Different Point of View, Part I's version of "Sectionals"
    • Also, Mitchell coming to Quinn's defense in "Mash Up" when Sue throws her off the Cheerios. He pays for it later but for a moment, he actually grows a pair.
  • Jack's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Figgins in See It My Way, Part I's version of "Mattress"
  • Mitchell's performance of "Burning Up" in the cafeteria.
  • Dylan punching his homophobic brother, Nicholas in "Funeral".
    • Though the fact that he did it after their parents' funeral could sour the moment.
  • Puck breaking up the tension in The Winner Takes It All
  • Daniel avoiding the Running Gag of being attacked by something in every fanfic he's in in the Indigestion PSA.
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