Awesome / The Hangover

The Hangover

  • When they're in desperate need of $80,000 fast ... and Alan, the losingest loser of the lot, puts on his suit, sits down at the blackjack table, and in a single montage takes the casino for the entire sum. The random numbers and formulae that appear adds the Mundane Made Awesome value too.
  • Stuart chewing out Melissa at the end after suffering her abuse for the entire film (and throughout their relationship).
  • Alan takes multiple blows to the head and keeps going.

The Hangover: Part II

  • A similar predicament to Stu chewing out Melissa in the first movie, with Stu's future father-in-law treating him like crap the whole time, he then gives the father-in-law a good "World of Cardboard" Speech about how he (Stu) has a demon inside him and that while, yes, he lost Teddy in Bangkok, he and his friends managed to get Teddy back. It ends up giving the father-in-law a newfound respect for Stu.
  • Mike Tyson showing up to sing "One Night in Bangkok".
  • The car chase scene.

The Hangover: Part III

  • The opening scene, all set to beautiful classical music. It starts with a horrified Thai prison warden, flanked by two guards in riot gear, running into a chaotic Prison Riot. The warden nonchalantly shoves his way straight through the middle of the riot and makes his way to the Chow's prison cell in the back. Then, ignoring the chaos around him, the warden pulls the poster in Chow's cell away from the wall and discovers Chow's escape hole.
    Warden: Chooooooooooooooooow!
  • Stu chasing Chow in Vegas in the limo. Preceded by:
    Stu: I'm just a dentist!
    Phil: No. You're a fucking doctor. Now go get him.
  • Chow killing Marshal and his goon from behind and saving the Wolfpack.
    • And then after that, Alan pulls off a Go Through Me by standing in front of Phil and refusing to let Chow shoot him (Phil), even if he was trying to stare Chow down in the process. Chow can't bring himself to shoot Alan and lets them live.
  • The whole scene where Phil and Alan try to break into Caesar's Palace, culminating in Phil saving Alan from falling to his death. Black Sabbath, strobe lights, and hookers/cocaine all add to the awesomeness.