Awesome / The Green Hornet

TV Series

  • The Final Battle in "The Preying Mantis." In the alleyway, Kato gets neatly dumped into a trash can by a masked Lo Sing, with two good blows. In the final showdown, it's Kato who takes out the trash, in another Curb-Stomp Battle.

2011 film

  • Britt at the end with his Kato-like fight scene.
  • The fight between Britt and Kato is one for Britt. Up until that point, Britt is shown to be a pretty pathetic fighter, one would expect Kato to completely Curbstomp him. However, Britt not only manages to hold his own against Kato through the use of dirty tactics, but in the end through unknowingly exploiting Kato's inability to swim manages to actually WIN.
  • Chudnofski the minute Crystal Clear finished his 'You're Not Scary' rant. Especially when he blows up the entire building, something he obviously planned to do from the start.
  • At the very end, the police chase down Kato in the Black Beauty, only to zip right past the Hidden in Plain Sight Black Beauty with digital cloaking that turns it white. The car changes color back to normal, with the headlights flashing their signature green. It's a Knowing Wink/Aside Glance with a car.
    • And then, of course, the TV theme music kicks in and the Black Beauty rolls towards the horizon. Epic.
  • The Black Beauty is so pimped out, one could actually say it's even cooler than the Batmobile.
    • The Batmobile is cool, but can that bitch change color?
  • When there's no alternatives left and they could easily get shot, there's only one way to get rid of corrupt DA Scanlon: Ram him out of the building with the Black Beauty.
  • Pretty much whenever Kato's onscreen, one of these isn't far behind.
  • The Epic Tracking Shot where Chudnovsky tells his Mook to mobilise the gangs under his thumb, who pass the order to more hoodlums, and so on and so forth, all shown with camera views that inexplicably multiply like amoebas and lead up to the faux-Hornet massacre.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The last song in the end credits is Jay Chou's "Nunchuks", which leads into the chorus just as the credits reach the soundtrack listing.