Awesome / The Greatest Gift

  • Trixie's Beam-O-War duel with Hazel at the climax of Part 3.
  • Twilight taking a page out of The Boss's book and saving Hazel's life while hugely pregnant.
  • The family's Batman Gambit to corner Venus, topped off with Trixie blasting her at full force.
  • Nyx pulling a Big Damn Heroes and kicking a resurrected Jupiter to save Mars and Astra.
  • Nyx and Midnight defeating Lady Babylon's One-Winged Angel form and forcing her into retreat.
  • Nebbie teleporting!
  • Dazzle burning his mom.
    Veronica Trotswright: Why you little! I am your mother and you refer to me as such!
    Dazzle: Sorry, can't hear you over the sound of this birth certificate that says otherwise. So unless your name is Marigold Trotswright, I'm not calling you my mother.
  • It may have been offscreen, but the fact that Ninja Twilight was able to defeat Hatori without getting hit once is pretty impressive.