Awesome: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  • Clint Eastwood proving why he's the first one.
    "Your spurs."
  • The three-way Mexican Standoff at the end. Three guys eyeballing one another for five minutes straight has never been so breathtaking.
    "You pig. You wanted to get me killed! When did you unload it?"
    "Last night."
  • One of Tuco's One Liners, following him subverting a Just Between You and Me moment by shooting his would-be assailant:
    "When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk!"
  • Or the part where he sacrifices his True Companions in order to pull a *Click* Hello on Blondie - with his spurs. Simultaneously an instance of dog-kicking and an awesome moment for the character.
  • The amazingly rousing music, courtesy of legend Ennio Morricone.
  • "Were you gonna die alone?"
  • Angel Eyes' introduction. It's so damn evil it crosses the line into awesome.
  • Tuco trying to find the grave that the gold is buried in. He runs through the graveyard, searching every headstone, but as the shot continues, with Tuco running through an endless forest of headstones, one begins to get a sense of perspective, of just how insignificant these three men and their petty struggle is compared to what is happening in the world everywhere they turn. Hundreds of thousands of men are dying in this war, and three vagabonds fight over a pile of money.
  • The very fact that Eli Wallach came out of filming alive after all the dangers and misfortunes he faced filming. He survived accidental poisoning and strangulation for this one role and he made it out in more or less one piece.
  • Tuco getting revenge on Corporal Wallace by throwing him off the train with him, killing him and then severing the cuffs via an oncoming train.
  • So Tuco is by the blistered Blondie's bedside, desperately begging him to tell him the name on the grave in which the gold is buried. Blondie beckons him closer... and throws coffee in the bandit's face. And then to stop Tuco from doing or saying anything violent, proceeds to shut him up with just a few words.
    Blondie: I'll... sleep better... knowing... my... good friend... is by my side... to protect me.