Awesome / The Garfield Show

  • An offscreen one in "Parrot Blues". Paxton called out on Nermal for his conceit and told him he was a sickening sight to his peers, which causes Nermal to break down in tears.
  • In "Laugh In A Can", the network adds a Laugh Track to The Garfield Show. The guy in charge refuses to get rid of it when Garfield wants it gone, and to top it off, the next episode stars Nermal! So Garfield forms a plan to both get rid of the laugh track, and screw with Nermal. He lures the lady in charge of the SFX away from her post, then promptly starts messing with her sound board, first screwing with the music while Nermal is dancing, then plays a variety of ferocious animal sounds, scaring Nermal to the point that he runs screaming out of the studio!