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Awesome: The Fox and the Hound
  • "AMOS SLADE YOU TRIGGER HAPPY LUNATIC, GIVE ME THAT GUN!!!" Oh, and then she shoots his car and throws the gun back at him. Woman is badass.
  • Tod, exhausted and nearly drowned from fighting a bear and falling down a waterfall, can barely move as Slade takes aim at him with a shotgun. Then Copper steps in between Slade and Tod and refuses to move an inch causing Slade to come to his senses, calm down and lower his weapon.
  • The bear fight at the end has to count, if only for the terrific animation of the bear itself by Glen Keane. It's a fast, powerful and frightening creature, and it really showed what the young, hungry animators at the studio were truly capable of.
    • Tod's Big Damn Heroes moment when he saves Copper in time from the bear. Just imagine: a 13-pound fox fighting a 1,200-pound bear, an animal capable of snapping a fox in half. And Tod won.
    • Made even better by the fact that he didn't even have to do it. He and Vixie could have just run for it, but instead he goes back to save his former best friend.
    • The bear itself taking a gunshot to the shoulder and continuing the attack like it was nothing.
    • Copper fighting the bear before Tod took over. Especially when he manages to slash its nose.
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