!Season 1

[[folder: Episode 1: Pilot]]

* The flashback that shows a child Barry getting beaten up by some bullies. The reason? Because he stood up to them for picking on some other kids. He emerges without any bruises, and his Mom later reveals that he won.
* The S.T.A.R. Labs team testing Barry's powers. They don't expect much..until he begins clocking in at 200 mph and blows away the canopy they set up.
* Barry cancelling out Mardon's TornadoMove at the end of the pilot is awesome both in-universe [[VisualEffectsOfAwesome and out]].
** [[CrowningMusicofAwesome The music definitely helped the scene too]].
* The moment Barry catches the piece of debris headed for Joe and unconscious Eddie, then tosses it off and standing up to reveal himself in The Suit and Mask for the first time.
* The fact that CrisisOnInfiniteEarths gets mentioned at the end of the pilot. Making this the first time in non-comic media that any Crisis has been so much as hinted at.
* Oliver's RousingSpeech about how Barry can be even more of a hero than him, topped by giving the Flash his name.
** To say nothing about how the scene ended with [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome a combination of both their theme songs]].
* Shortly after Barry gets his powers, he sees Mardon driving in a getaway car. After he and Iris get out of the way, what does he do? He doesn't stop to think, he doesn't hesitate, he just runs after him with the powers he barely even understands yet. The lightning bolt chose well.

[[folder: Episode 2: Fastest Man Alive]]

* Flash running through the giant mass of Multiplex's clones [[Film/TheMatrix Matrix]]-style.
* Wells stating that the Flash must be protected, [[spoiler:and then stabbing Stagg]] who was talking about harnessing the Flash's powers after having seen the Flash in action.
* Flash [[BulletDodge dodges a bullet]] for the first time.

[[folder: Episode 3: Things You Can't Outrun]]

* Ronnie Raymond's HeroicSacrifice. The moment the particle accelerator begins to fail, he straight-up volunteers to use his expertise to redirect the explosion. He saves countless lives in exchange for losing his '''one'''.
* Barry's first confrontation with The Mist. He gets exposed to the toxic gas, his next course of action? ''Running'' all the way back to Star Labs so they can extract a sample from his body and create an antidote. Bear in mind, ''he can't breathe and is dying''.
* In the opening scene, Barry pulls a guy being chased by the police out of his car, puts handcuffs on him, and delivers him right into the back of the squad car chasing him - in the time it took Iris to take one phone call with Eddie. Bookended when he snatches a knife from a mugger and leaves the woman being mugged holding the knife, all in an instant.
* Caitlin facing her fear of going down into the Particle Accelerator deserves some mention. Bonus points for Barry agreeing to accompany her.

[[folder: Episode 4: Going Rogue]]

* Barry is now able to simultaneously play Operation, ping pong, and chess, winning two of them.
* Captain Cold is able to get away from Barry twice (one without his cold gun), and then nearly kills him at the end of the episode. He figures out Barry is more concerned with saving people than stopping him, so he endangers a train full of people, and has proven himself to be the most dangerous villain so far.
* When Cold derails a train, the cars flip and fall out of control. Barry is able to save everyone by picking them up, running them out and then going back for more at lightning speed. He's moving so fast he might as well be ''teleporting.''
* Cisco successfully bluffing Captain Cold into backing off by pretending a vacuum cleaner is an upgraded version of his gun. Even when Cold points out he's clearly never killed anyone, the guy is able to keep his cool enough to make it believable.
* Everyone seems to hate Cisco's code names for the villains, but when he calls Snart "Captain Cold" during their standoff, the latter can't help but give an affectionate smirk, apparently getting a kick out of the title.

[[folder: Episode 5: Plastique]]

* Barry runs up a building (And back down again) to save a falling window cleaner.
* Barry talking Plastique down, only for her to be shot and killed by General Eiling. As her explosive powers begin to overload her body, Barry picks her up and runs across water to get her out of Central City.
* When Eiling confronts Wells over sending Plastique to kill him, Wells doesn't even need to get out of his chair to convince the general to back off.

[[folder: Episode 6: The Flash is Born]]

* Just before launching on his way to his mach punch, Bary takes a three point stance and his eyes flash with yellow lightning.
* Barry's Mach Punch!
--> '''Cisco''': ''[[AudienceSurrogate SUPERSONIC PUNCH, BABY! WOO!!]]''
* Iris taking the finishing swing at Tony.
* Barry reveals his identity to an incarcerated Tony, not only to let the JerkJock know who beat him, but to give him a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech about how Tony is nothing but the same elementary school bully who has wasted a powerful gift.
* Barry comes up with an especially sly way to get the public onboard with his preferred superhero name, contriving to mention the word "flash" while talking about the Streak with Iris so she'll put it in her blog.

[[folder: Episode 7: Power Outage]]

* Blackout's CurbstompBattle against Girder.
** Before his [[spoiler: death,]] Tony punching Blackout across the room and pulling a NoSell against a blast of electricity. He may not have lasted too long, but he did put up a fight against Blackout.
* Barry outracing lightning from across the room and saving Wells, followed by overloading Blackout.
* Iris taking out Clock King.

[[folder: Episode 8: Flash VS Arrow]]
* Flash VS Arrow in a downright epic street fight!
** This is also awesome on a meta level, as they seamlessly combine ''The Flash's'' special effects with ''Arrow's'' fight choreography.
* Wells deducing the Arrow's identity in less than a day once he decides to get serious about it.
** FridgeBrilliance kind of nullifies this though, since [[spoiler: he probably just used his future computer to figure it out]].
* With the Flash and the Arrow teaming up, the outcome is such a foregone conclusion that we cut straight to Bivolo being put in the Pipeline.
* During TheStinger, two crooks try [[MuggingTheMonster robbing]] someone who turns out to be [[spoiler:Ronnie, alive and with superhuman fire powers.]]
* Oliver's method of teaching Barry to be more aware of his surroundings: He challenges Barry to avoid being shot, and while Barry easily catches the arrow Oliver himself fires, he runs straight past two automatic crossbows hidden in the grass which both get him in the back.
** Which then gets a super sweet callback as Barry catches the arrows Oliver had set up to repeat the trick during the street fight. "Fool me once." Then he gets a flechette in the leg. The Arrow landed a hit on a rage-maddened Flash!

[[folder: Episode 9: The Man In The Yellow Suit]]
* Reverse Flash's fights with The Flash are awesome, and the character is very scary and effective-as a good villain should be.
** During their second fight, Barry saves Joe and Eddie from Reverse Flash, and then is himself [[BigDamnHeroes saved]] by [[spoiler: Firestorm, who blasts RF like a flamethrower. Firestorm then flies away with awesome trails of fire behind him.]]

[[folder: Episode 10: Revenge of the Rogues]]
* Barry has been training to increase his speed, and at the beginning of the episode, we catch up with him dodging missiles. Except he's now gotten so good that he opts to instead ''catch'' one and throw it back at the drone, in the process freaking Wells out so much that he almost jumps out of his chair.
* This exchange from when Caitlin is being held prisoner by the Rogues.
-->'''Caitlin''': You're sick.
-->'''Heat Wave''': You ever think you're all the sick ones?
-->'''Caitlin''': [[ShutUpHannibal Not really, no.]]
* The Flash's epic fight with Captain Cold and Heat Wave, which combines with his public reveal to make the police quickly accept him as a hero.
** Ending the fight by slowing down, [[DeliberateInjuryGambit deliberately letting himself get hit by their weapons]], in order to cross the streams and cancel them, knocking both villains out.
*** The scene nicely resembles the cover to [[http://www.wtv-zone.com/silverager/flash/flash140.jpg ''Flash'' #140]].
** Eddie deserves mention as well, as he dives into the fight with nothing but one of Cisco's customized shields, saving Flash from a double attack by the villains.
* TheStinger. Both Captain Cold and Heat Wave are on their way to Iron Heights in a police wagon. Heat Wave is ranting about how Cold's obsession with the Flash cost them everything, but Cold is his usual calm and collected self, saying their current situation just means the plan changes. Then an explosion goes off (or some sort of commotion) and someone opens the police wagon door. Who opens it? Cold's ''sister''. The man has a plan for '''everything'''.

[[folder: Episode 11: The Sound and The Fury]]
* Hartley nearly kills Harrison Wells. The [[BigBad Big Bad]] of the Flash series. Not bad, for the 'Prodigal Child'.
* Hartley destroying the company of his parents who disowned him for being gay (old money, old values).
* Harrison saves Barry by sending a frequency through the satellite radios of all the nearby cars that destroys Hartley's special gloves.
** And at the beginning of the episode, where he directed Barry to steer 3 motorcycle crooks right toward each other.

[[folder: Episode 12: Crazy For You]]
* Barry being a great singer at the Karaoke bar. It helps when Barry impressed a girl enough that she gives him her phone number.
** Bonus points for Barry's actor Grant Gustin where his singing talents are demonstrated since Series/{{Glee}}.
* While confronting Peekaboo, Barry hears a gunshot from behind and catches a bullet fired by Clay just before it enters the back of his neck. It barely broke the skin.
* Cisco and Hartley's fight. For a couple of nerds, they throw it down ''pretty hard''. And when Hartley almost escapes, Cisco whips out a vibration device of his own making that makes his hearing aids emit a sonic tone right into his brain.
** Hartley's eventual escape is also a villainous awesome moment, with him turning ''this'' against Cisco, allowing him to disable him using the same method. The icing on the cake? He did it ''after'' telling him what he wanted, and thus, lived up his end of the bargain, and made sure Cisco held up ''his''.
* Iris being fast enough with her phone's camera to get a picture of the Flash's face.
* Barry and Peekaboo both showing great creativity in their fights to constantly turn the tables on each other with their particularly well-matched powers.
* Though he doesn't outright say it, Henry figuring out that Barry is the Flash.
* Barry finds out his father's been stabbed by the underling of a local crime lord. He proceeds to take the assailant out of prison, and instead of attacking him, interrogates the thug on the activities of his gang. They finish their "interview" with the Flash leaving the thug outside of prison instead of returning him inside (police sirens can be heard closing in so he wouldn't even think of escaping on his own), adding 5-10 years to the thug's sentence. The Flash had his revenge without even getting too violent.
* The final scene where [[spoiler: Gorilla Grodd]] makes his debut, and it was tense, a little scary and definitely FREAKIN' AWESOME!

[[folder: Episode 13: The Nuclear Man]]
* Barry redeemed himself in Linda's eyes by eating a ghost pepper, which is the spiciest of all peppers (it is so spicy that it has been known to send people who try eating it to the hospital), thus becoming her "Spicy Champion" and winning back his date.
* Barry [[spoiler:''outrunning a nuclear explosion'']]

[[folder: Episode 14: Fallout]]
* You have to admire the tenacity Professor Martin Stein shows when he refuses to give the military information about how F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M works. The professor didn't surrender even when he's shivering in the cold torture room and getting electro-shocked by a cattle prod. Even General Eiling is genuinely impressed by the professor's endurance.
* To contact Martin, Ronnie willingly cuts himself to write a message in his own skin.
** And in return, Martin taps with his fingers using Morse code so Ronnie can relay the location.
* Ronnie and Martin are cornered by the military, leaving them no choice but to merge together again in order to fight back. This time, they performed a successful FusionDance due to cooperating with each other, resulting in Ronnie's body powered by Firestorm and Martin's sharp mind.
** Because they discussed the possibility of the merging being permanent, the FusionDance is treated as a GodzillaThreshold. And both Ronnie and the professor still decide to go through with it.
* The final scene. It features [[spoiler: [[DramaticUnmask 100% confirmation that Harrison Wells is the Reverse-Flash]], our first full view of ([[EvilSoundsDeep and dialogue from]]) Gorilla Grodd, and the (possible) KarmicDeath of the episode's absolutely ruthless villain]], all rolled into one.
** It's even better if you're a fan of the Franchise/{{DCAU}}, where [[spoiler: Grodd was killed by Lex Luthor, voiced by Clancy Brown, but not before swearing he would somehow get revenge]]. It fits so perfectly that one wonders if this was done specifically to pay that moment off.
* Victorious over Eiling, we are treated to the Flash and Firestorm racing together back towards Central City. It makes fans think a live-action Justice League may just happen yet.

[[folder: Episode 15: Out of Time]]
* Captain Singh defended Joe from a lightning strike by Mardon. Singh may be suffering from paralysis and brain damage from his heroic action, but it was a quite the BadassNormal moment.
* A villainous one for [[spoiler: Harrison Wells]]. How he reveals himself to be [[spoiler: Eobard Thawne]] to [[spoiler: Cisco]] is a truly chilling scene. The way he explains everything; what his motivations are; even [[spoiler: killing Cisco]] are all done in a chillingly calm and matter-of-fact manner. Not once did he raise his voice.
* The BigDamnKiss Barry shares with Iris, after she confesses she has feelings for him as well before he goes off to save her father, that leads directly into the reveal, as he immediately, and by immediate super speedy, changes into the Flash. The look on her face is priceless, both Shock and Awe!
* Barry Allen out-races a lightning bolt. He's in a car with doors closed and seatbelt on, the lightning bolt has already smashed through the sunroof, and Barry unbuckles his seatbelt, grabs Joe, unbuckles him, opens the door and quickly moves himself and Joe out of the car '''[[SlowMotion while the lightning bolt is moving in super-slow motion]]'''. From a sitting position, Barry saved himself and Joe from a lightning bolt that was literally three feet away from blowing up the car.
** He tops it at the end of the episode, when he runs so fast that not only does he create a wall of air to stop a tsunami from crashing into Central City, [[spoiler: but [[BeyondTheImpossible he breaks the time barrier]] and winds up one day in the past]].
*** This carries into a meta level by being such a big moment that for the first time they don't even try to top it with any kind of stinger.

[[folder:Episode 16: Rogue Time]]
* Both Barry and Cold have their respective BadassBoast on how much leverage they have on each other. Barry having his SuperSpeed to put Captain Cold away for life, but at the risk of revealing his true identity. It ends on a draw resulting Cold having no actual means to broadcast the identity of the Flash, but still free to go.
* Captain Cold and Heatwave don't need their guns to send a message to a mob family. They simply kick asses after freeing themselves from being held captive.
* [[spoiler: Reverse Flash decides to pay a visit to the reporter investigating Wells and his connection to Stagg. The meeting ends with his hand through the reporter's chest.]]

[[folder:Meta (human)]]
* Unlike ''Series/{{Arrow}}'', which tries to be much more grounded, this show's heavy use of metahumans means it's going to be much more effects-heavy (Barry's speed effects, Mardon's tornado, and Nimbus's mist effects, for starters.) From what we've seen so far, [[VisualEffectsOfAwesome they've handled it really well]].
* The fact that they're even tackling Gorilla Grodd, one of the more outlandish elements of the Flash mythos, in live-action.
* Many queer viewers have been praising the fact that Captain Singh is gay, like his comic book counterpart, and especially the fact that his statement confirming this was ''the'' most casual and normalized thing he could have said.
--> "My boyfriend wants us to eat more healthy at home, so this is the only place I can eat what I ''like.'' Sorry, you were saying something?"
* Creator/MarkHamill has been confirmed to be reprising his role of the Trickster, having played the role both in the 1990's TV show and in ''Justice League Unlimited''.
* The CW has released a teaser not for an episode, but for a ''villain'' - Grodd, a few weeks before he fully reveals himself to Team Flash. It's a warning: '''Grodd is Coming'''. It's a testemant to just how popular Grodd has become among viewers and fans even though he's only had a few minutes of screen time so far. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGA0fxXBwc0 Watch it here.]]
** And on a side note General Eiling, looks ''terrified'' in the teaser. Keep in mind Eiling is a man who thinks he can bully meta-humans to be living weapons, and Grodd is able to scare the hell out of him.
* Not directly Flash related, but Jesse L. Martin, Carlos Valdes and Rick Cosnett took part in a Kickstarter project titled "The Letter Carrier". This Kickstarter [[https://twitter.com/josswhedon/status/580256287100792832 got the support]] of none other than '''Creator/JossWhedon'''. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac3a49-sj3A This]] was how the three thanked Whedon for his support.