Awesome / The Emperor's New Groove

  • Kuzco basically telling his narrator self to piss off during the halfway point, signaling his character development.
  • When Kuzco and Pacha use a back to back wall climbing method the second time
  • "Bring it on." It's quoted a lot in regards to this movie, but the gravity of the situation tends to be lost...Kuzco and Pacha really have no reason to believe they'll survive that trip over the waterfall.
    • When they go over the falls, you can hear Kuzco screaming... the word "BOOYAH!"
  • Pacha forgiving Kuzco in the meadow. When you consider that Kuzco double-crossed him twice (and mocked him about it), it shows incredible moral character. He doesn't even need the apology Kuzco tries to give him.