Awesome: The Emigrants

  • Kristina's reaction to her neighbours telling her she can't let Ulrika into her house since Ulrika has become a baptist. Kristina, usually mild and timid, goes livid and gives them a piece of her mind. When she later gives birth to a daughter she names her Ulrika, thereby showing her neighbours that she will always have an Ulrika in her house.
  • The way Danjel calmly handles the vicar:
    The Vicar: No one is allowed to give communion unless they are ordained.
    Danjel: As far as I know, nowhere in the Bible does it say that Our Lord Jesus was ordained.
  • Ulrika calling the vicar and his men out on their hypocrisy.
  • When one of Ulrika's customers hit her with an ox-whip, Elin knocked him out cold by throwing a pressing iron at his head. She then helped her mother shove him out the door. Her exact age when this happened is not stated but she could not have been older than ten.

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