Awesome / The Elite Squad

  • After the militia shoots Nascimento's son, he proceeds to seize a powerful corrupt politician off his car and beat him into a bloody pulp, and Nascimento is no less than the minister of defense:
    Politician: Who's in charge of this operation?
    Nascimento: I am!
    [proceeds to beat the politician into a pulp]
    Nascimento: You son of a bitch, look at me! If something happens to my son, or anyone else in my family, I will kill every single one of you, you understand?
  • Rocha's militia ambush Nascimento as he's driving away from the hospital. Two cars pull up in front of him, blocking the way. He tries to back up, and another car comes up behind him, guys jumping out waving assault rifles. Nascimento ducks out from his car, takes cover, and starts handling the guys in front of him, as their reinforcements come up from behind...and then The Reveal that these are BOPE operators coming to even the odds.