Awesome / The Elenium

  • The final duel between Sparhawk and Martel.
  • Kurik verbally demolishing an arrogant young nobleman in front of his dissipated friends. Bevier even compliments him on the honor Kurik brought to Bevier's armor (which Kurik was wearing as a disguise at the time).
    Kurik: Try me.
  • Berit throwing Bevier's axe at Azash in the final battle. He made an Eldritch Abomination flinch!
  • Sparhawk's verbal beatdown of Primate Annias and Lycheas upon his return from exile.
  • The fate of the Baron Harparin.
  • Sparhawk killing Azash.
  • In the Tamuli, at one point Tynian shows a map of Daresia to the Troll Gods in order to explain their plans. One of them, Schlee comments that that's not how earth looks like and proceed to mold a wide portion of ground in an extremely detailed tridimensional map complete with mountains, rivers, forests with trees the size of hair, buildings, and individualized people walking around.
    Schlee:" That is how Earth looks like!"
  • Anakha deflecting every attack that Zalasta throws at him with no real effort involved. And immediately afterwards renouncing his powers to become plain old Sparhawk so that he can live a normal life.
  • Bevier offhandedly decapitating a guard captain who inconvenienced him one too many times and then leading the man's soldiers in prayer for his soul while wiping the blood off his axe.
  • Kalten gets several Awesome Moments in The Tamuli, the biggest one happens when he is disguised as someone else and gives a captured Ehlana some important information by having an off-handed conversation with a guard nearby. His love interest shares this moment as she sings their special song which gets his attention.
  • Really, anytime Talen steals something counts. Notable examples include:
    • Stealing every piece of jewelry that Kring was wearing, including the pommelstone from his sword. He then informed him of sub-standard quality of some of the jewelry and managed to take coins from Kring's stolen purse and hide them in various pockets. All in the space it took Kring to laugh at a single joke. While he was being watched.
    • Cutting Kurik's purse without the man noticing.
    • Stealing from Dolmant in front of an entire battalion of Church soldiers.
    • In a non-theft example, knifing Adus in the kidneys after the brute kills Kurik.
  • Sephrenia refuses to allow Sparhawk to exact revenge on a group of Elenes who massacred a Styric village. Instead, she insists that Sir Parasim, a young, sweet, gentle knight who's utterly devoted to the faith, be sent instead to deliver an appropriate chastisement. Parasim's idea of appropriate: whipping the murderers with thornbushes.
  • Sick of the negotiations with The Thousand (the ruling council of Styricum), Stragen announces that he's sick of hearing them whine and that if they don't side with the Elenes in the coming war, then all the Styrics in Eosia (the neighboring continent) will probably be slaughtered as payment for their cowardice. He then simply turns and walks away. And it works!
  • The King of the Atans, Androl, gets one. Yes, his charging an Eldritch Abomination that dwarfs mountains was suicidally stupid, but it's later revealed that his insane, one-man charge against that monster distracted it long enough for the army he was leading to escape the field without being annihilated. So, he was not wiped out in a second, but rather held the beast's attention for several minutes while everyone else fled. The only reason his attack is considered too dumb to live instead of a heroic sacrifice is because he honestly believed that he could overcome the monster in single combat.