Awesome / The Darksword Trilogy

  • Joram and Saryon have cornered Blachloch, who's incapacitated Joram, who's about to turn into a blob of goo. The Darksword's anti-magic isn't working fast enough to save Joram and Blachloch quickly figures out Saryon's betrayed him and turns the same spell on him. Saryon can't grant Life to Joram. Draining life from the Blachloch isn't much of an option, as Saryon had not been trained in such tactics. But drain life he does, and where does he channel it? The Darksword. Because Joram, of course, can't take it. Bonus points for them being able to take down a Duuk-tsarith.
  • The end of the second book, when not being a Tear Jerker, is all this.
    • Saryon: At first he appears to be resigned to both of their fates and does what he can to encourage Joram through it. But just as the Executioner begins the spell, Saryon jumps in and gives the Darksword to Joram, and it sucks in all magic.
    • Joram: Once he has the Darksword and recovers from the shock of what Saryon did, he prepares to pull a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. But he hesitates and instead decides to do exactly what Bishop Vanya and Prince Xavier don't want him to do: Die. He fixes the sword into Saryon's stone hands, asks him for strength, gives a last speech to those present, and does an Unflinching Walk into the mists of the Beyond.
  • In the third book, during the tank siege, while countless Magi are being slaughtered by the enemy that no one knows how to counter, Joram comes in and tells everyone to put up a gigantic ice wall. The Magi are understandably skeptic, given that their enemy has been cutting right through solid stone, but they follow his orders anyway. The tanks stop. Why? Because they use heat sensitivity, which was also why they were so unerringly accurate. One of their greatest strengths was turned against them.
    • And then, when talking with Garald afterwards, Joram manages to rekindle Garald's dying morale. Can also double as heartwarming for some.
    "Do we fight for this world... Your Grace?"
    "We fight," said the Prince. "And call me Garald."