Awesome / The Dalemark Quartet

Cart and Cwidder

  • The dreamy Moril figures out how to work his powerful cwidder (a sort of stringed instrument) in harrowing circumstances. He then uses it to put an entire valley full of hundreds—possibly thousands—of soldiers to sleep long enough to escape, and then later he reforms a mountain range to stop said army. His Singer's speech in the second scene is shiver-inducing.

Drowned Ammet

  • Mitt's crowning moment is when, having reunited with his father, whom Mitt hasn't seen since he was five (and who is a truly spectacular Jerkass), Mitt says one of the god Old Ammet's true names. The power of it capsizes the ship they're on by raising an island.

The Crown of Dalemark

  • Mitt completely unintentionally argues his way into getting the crown.