Awesome / The Cornersville Trace Mythos

How to Get Suspended and Influence People

  • Leon finishing the movie with the help of his friends.
  • Mrs. Smollett quitting, which leads to this quote.
    "Oh my God, do you realize what this means? We actually won. We beat the school system!"

Pirates of the Retail Wasteland

  • The gifted pool driving Smollett up a wall (again).
  • Dustin and Brian pranking Coach Hunter. Seeing as how Hunter is the class Drill Seargeant Nasty, he gets no sympathy.
  • Troy. He undermines his own company to let the gifted pool do their film and help save the Sip.


  • Amber, Jason, Mutual, and Jen trashing the school gym with unicorn poop in hopes of preventing Gregory's curse from working.