Awesome: The Core

  • Instead of just simply explaining what would happen, our heroes use an improvised flamethrower on a peach to show the message loud and clear.
    Zimsky: Three months, gentlemen, and we're back in the Stone Age. A year, the field goes, and that.
    Keyes: (drops the torched peach in a pitcher of water) Feel free to throw up, I know I did.
  • After holding his dismay in about the team's plan, Zimsky reaches a Rage Breaking Point and aggressively tells off everyone, even reaching levels of hostility. When Braz tries to calm him down, he receives a Big "Shut Up!" from which he responds by right-hooking in the jaw, instantly rendering him unconscious.
  • Zimsky's breakdown in and of itself is pretty glorious to watch, considering it's pretty saturated with narm.
  • The Heroic Sacrifices of Braz and Leveque.