Awesome: The Chronicles of Riddick

  • Basically almost any scene that has Riddick or the Necromongers in it.
  • Riddick's interrogation of Toombs.
    • Especially how it began
  • The Necromonger's introduction scene where they vape everything on planet's surface is surely a moment of villainous awesome
    • The fear they show inspire later is because of this
  • The Lord Marshall's entrance. He knows to give a show.
    • He then immediately quells all arguments by ripping out a protestor's soul
  • ""I bow to no man"" and ""But I will have a piece of him""
  • Riddick then curbstomping Irgun. Minor CMOH since he hunted him down for killing one of his only friends
  • "I'll kill you with my teacup. He then proceeds to make true on his word."
  • Riddick swinging out into killer sunlight to rescue Kyra with nothing but the contents of a water bottle for protection.
    • Even more so because Riddick is effectively blind in normal light, thanks to his eyeshine, and Crematoria's sunlight is not only deadly, but intensely brilliant as well.
  • And, just to prove that other characters in the series can have their own crowning moments, the Purifier happily walking to his death and not stopping until most of his flesh has melted away in Crematoria's lethal sunlight.
  • When the soldiers on Helion Prime try to apprehend Riddick, mistaking him for a Necromonger spy. They burst into the room, and Riddick calmly extinguishes the lights: