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Awesome: The Chase
TV Show

  • Pretty much any time the contestants manage to outrun the Chaser in the Final Chase. The Chasers are THAT DAMN GOOD!!
  • Any time a contestant takes the high offer AND makes it back safely.
  • This contestant managed to take the high offer, make it back safely, AND outran Mark Labbett in the Final Chase, winning 60,000, then the highest non-celebrity total in show history.
  • This team made it a full house in short order, tied for the longest escape ever with 28 steps, and still needed 3 pushbacks to get an absolutely in fire Sinhaman.
  • This duo split 80,000.
  • Another big solo Final Chase, this one for 50,000.
  • The US version has a few incredible moments as well.
    • The 2nd episode features a full house team defeating The Beast with 2 steps to go, winning a record (for both The Chase and GSN) $180,000.
    • A later episode features a sole player with a bank of $125,000 managing 7 pushbacks on The Beast, leaving him at only 10 steps of the total 19 required. The Beast only avoided an 8th due to outright surrendering as time ran out.
    • The third season finale features a full house managing to accumulate 26 steps, with The Beast not even able to get halfway through, suffering multiple pushbacks during his run, and leading "Team J" to win $175,000.
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