Awesome / The Chase

TV Show

  • Pretty much any time the contestants manage to outrun the Chaser in the Final Chase. The Chasers are THAT DAMN GOOD.
  • Any time a contestant takes the high offer AND makes it back safely.
  • Larry took the high offer, made it back safely, AND outran Mark Labbett in the Final Chase, winning £60,000. To make it even more awesome, it is the highest total won by any single player in show history.
  • This team made it a full house in short order, tied the longest escape ever with 28 steps, and still needed 3 pushbacks to get an absolutely on fire Sinha.
    • This team later on got £41,000 and 26 steps, also against the Sinnerman. Paul Sinha refers to the previously mentioned chase just before the game starts. And when the game begins? He gets absolutely ripped apart - he just about makes it to 13 before the time runs out. Afterwards, he calls it Modern Chase History.
  • This duo split £80,000.
  • Another big solo Final Chase, this one for £50,000.
  • This threesome won £90,000 in the Final Chase.
  • One contestant was a former manager of a Weight Watchers group, a fact she mentioned in a way that was undoubtedly patronizing towards The Governess. How does the Governess respond? She destroyed her!
  • The US version has a few incredible moments as well.
    • The 2nd episode features a full house team defeating The Beast with 2 steps to go, winning a record (for both The Chase and GSN) $180,000.
    • A later episode features a sole player with a bank of $125,000 managing 7 pushbacks on The Beast, leaving him at only 10 steps of the total 19 required. The Beast only avoided an 8th due to outright surrendering as time ran out.
    • The first half finale of season three features a full house managing to accumulate 26 steps, with The Beast not even able to get halfway through, suffering multiple pushbacks during his run, and leading "Team J" to win $175,000.
    • The season four premiere had three contestants who had previously been caught by the Beast in past episodes brought back for a rematch. This time, they all made it back safely, AND they beat the Beast with 20 Steps in the Final Chase, winning $105,000 in the process.