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Awesome: The Blob
1958 version
  • The Gondor Calls for Aid scene where the teens make as much noise as they can to call in The Cavalry. The best part? It actually works!
  • Unlike everyone else with sense enough to run away, brave little Danny heads straight at the Blob and tries to attack it. Admittedly he only had a toy pop-gun, but he gets points for trying.
  • That what is seen as a typical cheesy drive-in B-Movie was apparently good enough to qualify for The Criterion Collection.

1988 version
    • Too bad it didn't end well.
  • Coronel Harris gets a Dying Moment of Awesome, by trying to blow up the Blob as it devours him.
  • Brian deffinatly has a few.
    • The motor cycle chase with the military, to and through the sewers.
    • His confrontation with Meddows qualifies, he gets a hold of a military rifle and aims at Meddow's in public, and in the Mexican standoff, he exposes Meddow's true nature to the townspeople. Meddow's tries to convince the towns people that Brian needs to die, they aren't listening, so Meddow tries to shoot Brian, only to get dragged into the sewers by the Blob.
    • Think Gondor Calls for Aid in the original was awesome ? How about this; the townspeople try to hold off the Blob, but it's gaining the upper hand, Brian pulls a Big Damn Heroes and fights with the Blob with a snow maker truck that has canisters of liquid nitrogen attached.
      • In a Battle Couple sense, Meg lures the Blob, to the canisters which completely subdue the Blob.
  • Just the fact Brian and Meg where more effective in fighting and subdueing the Blob then the army and the entire town.
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