Awesome / The Biogate

  • The entire Yubel is a Crowning Moment of Awesome. Four fazes, several fighters and this is the very start of Arc 2!
    • Zelos deserves a special mention for being the main fighter and dealing the most damage to Yubel. Only Rukia and Teddie can come close.
    • Double points for Edge showing up and owning Yubel with the Falcon!
  • Yosuke gets one for being the first character to escape the Derris Emblems after getting trapped and then helping Rita escape her's.
  • Jak and Daxter holding off a ton of angels counts as one.
  • Haseo and The Black Knight showing up to stop Omega from taking Rosalina and easily won the battle.
  • Edge beating the Halo Character from Arc 1 with his spells count.
  • As of Arc 2, Rukia seems to be having these moments, not including the Yubel fight. She faced Maia and her soldiers virtually by herself and won without any serious injuries. She then procedes to fight a Digimon and defeat it with help from Stingmon.
    • Arc 3 makes this even cooler when a group of Dopplegangers destroy Teddie's Limo and kidnap Kenzan, Judai, and Johan. Teddie takes out four on his own and Rukia takes out the other four save the one holding Johan.