* From the movie, we have [[spoiler: Miss Hathaway and Granny busting out of the evil mental hospital Granny was locked in against her will, storming Jed's wedding ''in a monster truck'' and Miss Hathaway stopping Woodrow from stealing all of Jed's money by destroying his laptop with Granny's shotgun before it could successfully transfer all Jed's money.]]
* Cloris Leachman's almost spot-on take of Irene Ryan's Granny is a [=CMoA=] all of its own.
* Elly May, being a CuteBruiser, gets her fair share of these in the movie:
** [[CurbStompBattle Completely destroying]] Derek the wrestling captain in their match. Also a CrowningMomentOfFunny as she performs several illegal but [[GroinAttack very painful]] moves.
-->'''Elly May:''' ''[about legal wrestling/"rassling" techniques]'' What about the Hickory Nut Crunch?\\
''[does just that to Derek's groin]''\\
'''Derek:''' ''[falsetto voice]'' That's ''definitely'' not legal!\\
'''Elly May:''' Well, ain't ''nothin''' legal 'round here?
** When Tyler arrives at the Clampett mansion to welcome the family to the bank (read: to scope out the Clampetts to estimate how well his embezzlement scheme would work), he takes Elly May's hand and leans in to kiss it. Elly May, thinking he's about to ''bite'' her hand, promptly flips him onto his back. Even Jed can't help but be a little impressed.
** Elly standing up for her father at the end, when she confronts Laura/"Laurette" (who, coincidentally, had been posing as her French tutor) after her scheme has been foiled, shouting "Nobody treats my pa that way!" Laura tells her to shut up and reaches up to hit her -- but Elly blocks the shot, picks Laura up, spins her around, and throws her into the wedding cake.
-->'''Elly May:''' How's ''that'' for ladylike, y'old money-grubber?
* Trying to find the missing Granny, Hathaway is sent by the cops to a private eye. A familiar theme song plays as we cut to an office where Buddy Ebsen (the original Jed Clampett) turns around to reveal he's playing his other TV role of Series/BarnabyJones.