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  • His article about the portrayal of women in video games. He could have easily made sexist jokes and get away with it because he's done it before. But he didn't. What he did instead was encourage women in the game industry to create kickass games that would create new standards and ended it with the line "What's wrong? Afraid of making money?". I think even the Maddox haters could get behind that.
  • What did Maddox do when he found out that the United Arab Emirates had banned his website? He personally flew to Dubai to verify that his site is indeed banned, and then left printouts of his home page throughout the city and made a Gag Penis out of the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest skyscraper. Over 7,800 miles of travel, all for some petty action.
  • His response to SOPA. When the Internet was in the throes of its anti-SOPA furor, he took a different turn and pointed out that as long as the guys who legislated that bill were in charge, they'd just try again and again until it passed. He also generated a massive list of companies that supported it and urged a prolonged boycott. When he received a reply from Dell that their accusation of supporting SOPA was unfounded, he reminds his readers to boycott responsibly.
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