Awesome / The Band

  • The Last Waltz, The Band's send off concert in which they invited pretty much every musician they were influenced by, and everyone they influenced.
  • "Don't Do It", their version of "Baby Don't You Do It" by Marvin Gaye, the opening track from the live album Rock of Ages (and also the opening song in the movie of The Last Waltz, although it was the last encore they actually performed at the show.) Marvin Gaye's original is heartfelt enough, but The Band's version is actually kind of terrifying.
    • The studio version, which was recorded for Cahoots but left off the album, lacks the excellent Allen Toussaint horn arrangements of the live version, but is much more raw and features one of Robbie Robertson's best guitar solos.
  • The epic pipe-organ mix of rock and classical themes at the beginning of Chest Fever, which seemingly got longer and funkier every time Garth Hudson played it until it eventually "split off" and became its own separate instrumental track titled The Genetic Method.