Awesome: The Baby-Sitters Club

  • Mallory telling off her bullies and ex-friends in Poor Mallory!.
    • Later she and the girls make several prank phone calls to those girls.
  • The whole idea of Mary Anne Saves the Day. Mary Anne is always called a baby, but she really gets a backbone in it and calls the others out when she needs to.
    • Speaking of that, Mary Anne and Dawn handling the situation with a sick Jenny very well.
  • "Mary Anne's Makeover" has Mary Anne telling the bitchy Dawn (who has been giving her a hard time over a hair cut) to "go choke on an alfalfa sprout." Beware the Nice Ones indeed. Also works for any fans who just want Dawn to shut her trap.
  • "Babysitters' Island Adventure" centers on Dawn and Claudia being stranded on an island with some kids (including Dawn's younger brother Jeff and little Jamie Newton), Claudia revealed some quick thinking when getting everyone to safety and manages to keep calm and take care of little Jamie when he get's a high fever. Dawn later says that she can't imagine what she'd do without her.
  • Claudia meeting her idol, solving the mystery, AND getting her dream museum job at the climax of Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum.