Awesome / The Authority

The Comic Book

  • Jenny singlehandedly facing down an entire aerospace fleet from a parallel Earth called Sliding Albion. (Two of her teammates: "Am I wrong to find her utterly terrifying?" "It just proves you're still human.")
    • In the same arc, the Doctor wipes out the aliens' government by holding the Earth in stasis for a moment... and letting the ocean wipe out Italy.
  • Jenny's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner before electrocuting MOTHERFUCKING GOD.
    Jenny: YOU. I'm talking to you. I don't know if you can understand me. I don't even know if you have a language. You think the world belongs to you? Earth has a new manager. This world is mine.
  • The Midnighter destroying Kaizen Gamorra by driving the Carrier into his base; "I love being me". So very wrong, and yet awesome.
  • In issue #14, The Midnighter defeats an Iron Man expy with a hug.
  • The Engineer's escape from the evil family she was imprisoned with when the team was replaced by Heroic Sociopath Captain Ersatz-es.
  • Midnighter brutally murdering each and every member of the evil mirror team that replaced them.
    • Hey, that Crowning Moment was just as much Apollo's. Having spent the mirror team's reign chained up, away from the light that powers him, being used as a novelty cigarette lighter and literal punching bag, Jenny slips him some sunshine. The results:
      Last Call: Light me, you lazy bastard.
      Apollo: My pleasure.
  • The end of the Revolutions arc. After twelve issues (and, for the characters, several years) of painful Emotional Torque, seeing Midnighter rip out the Big Bad's spine was cathartic to say the least.
    Henry Bendix: You have to admit, what I've done has made the world a better place.
  • In his own series Midnighter...
  • Out of all their acts, including killing god there is one act which truly established the characters as a force to be reckoned with. An inter-dimensional corporation attacks the Carrier, threatens to strip mine Earth like thirty-two others before it, kidnaps Swift, and almost murders the infant Jenny. They then make the group an offer to join them. The Authority's response was suitably brutal. Within 24 hours every key member of its leadership and central infrastructure was gone.
  • Midnighter giving Kev Hawkings a thourough dressing down for his homophobia while meeting with him in civilians clothes, pointing out that it's nothing as imaginative as religious conviction or even Gay Panic, Kev is just an unimaginative little turd who's based his entire idea of macho behavior on things he's seen in movies, and acts the way pop culture has told him tough guys act. In the final series, when Kev finds out one of his old squad mates is gay, he's forced to acknowledge this to be true.