Awesome: That Guy with the Glasses

  • That Guy With the Glasses quits his job
  • The knock-down drag-out brawl between the Critic and the Chick in the Ferngully review, especially given that she was allowed to give as good as she got - and vice versa.
  • Doug, Rob, and Brian winning the RiffTrax contest, and getting to record an official riff for Batman Forever complete with introduction by Mike, Kevin, and Bill.
  • The Nostalgia Critic's Special Top Secret Review of Uwe Boll's Alone in the Dark (2005), guest-starring Spoony and Linkara, and featuring Ma-Ti, Chester, Dr. Insano, and 90's Kid.
  • Bennett the Sage takes over Ask That Guy with the Glasses and takes the skit's Crosses the Line Twice schtick Serial Escalation thoroughly horrifying both Ask That Guy and the voice that asks the questions.
  • His explanation of the Five Second Movies YouTube channel, ending with "Copyright THIS."
  • Bennett successfully reading My Immortal over three months and over two hours together, presumably at the cost of his permanent sanity.
  • An older example, but I've always considered it awesome. Little Miss Gamer did a video about an old "Simon Says" game, because she didn't have any other portable system like a Gameboy or DS. Not only did someone donate a DS to her later, but during the improv filming of Z playing the game in the park, they got a surprise cameo by Tom Green. A little internet show got a big name, how is that not cool?
  • MikeJ reviews American Pie III. In rhymes. That... just wow.
  • John from theroommovie.com threatens to sue the site for using images from the film in a clearly fair use review. Doug's response: "I'm totally gonna make a sketch mocking the fuck out of you guys."
    • Brad Jones decides to make a review with his friend Jerrid for The Room, in support of his colleagues who had their videos unfairly removed. They act out several scenes from the movie themselves to get past the lawsuit issue. Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
    • And then they actually got Wiseau to back off, and put the video back up.
  • The end of the Superman IV review:
    Nostalgia Critic: ...mediocre special effects you more likely see in one of Linkara's videos.
    Linkara: Hey!
    Nostalgia Critic: Get over it, ya' comic geek, your special effects suck!
    Nostalgia Critic: A BAT CREDIT CARD?! I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU...! (continues to freak out)
  • Episode 8 of "Video Game Confessions" combines it with Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Donkey Kong has disowned his gay son Donkey Kong Jr., but upon seeing Link dump him in a particularly Jerkass manner, he beats the everloving crap out of him and tells Jr. "You still my son."
  • The ending of Paw's Top 9 new game songs list, fighting his dark side Final Fantasy style with some special guests. Made extra-awesome with the use of ''The Battle for Everyone's Soul as background music.
    • The entire Top 9 Video Game Composers list, with Paw going through various video game worlds. Clearly a ton of work and absolutely worth the months we had to wait for it.
  • Doug not only got a special advance tour of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum, but lay down on a roped-off couch and ate an apple from the backyard, among other coolness.
  • The ending of Nash's first video on TGWTG. Can you say, "TGWTG, Rock Out!"?
  • JewWario's ending to his Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan. In which... He calls out Ouendan and finishes the review being cheered on Ouendan.
  • 8-Bit Mickey of Game Heroes did a Very Special Episode covering the protests of the Westboro Baptist Church at a Holocaust museum. During an interview with a member of the WBC, he managed to stay completely and totally cool, not even offering rebuttals. Even at the end, he stated how much the actions of the church made him sick. But never, not once, did he lose his composure.
  • The Charity Drives they've done to create money for the Ronald Mcdonald House. The first, they went 7 hours and raised $26,000 and the second, they went 11 hours and were able to raise $43,000+. Not bad for a bunch a geeks goofing off.
    • Actually, the second one did even better - they continued raising money for a few days after the live drive, and managed to raise $50,000. Wow!
  • Doug wins the Mashable Award for Entrepeneur of the Year, and manages the seemingly impossible feat of clearly being absolutely sincere when he says he doesn't deserve it.
  • Your mileage will definitely vary, but the section of Doug's video on movies he hates that everyone else loves, where he finally sits down as himself, not any of his characters, and talks to the District 9 fans like intelligent adults about why he doesn't like the movie.
  • The Zod National Anthem.
    • Hell, the entire performance. Any lesser man would be on the floor laughing at himself halfway through, or at least let through a knowing smirk, but not Doug. "All in all, my campaign can be summed up in one word: KNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!!!!!!!
  • Luke Mochrie reviews the Justin Bieber movie, and instead of tearing into as most expected he gives a well thought out speech on why it's pointless to pay him out.
  • CR figuring out a solid continuity behind DR. INSANO. Something Spoony himself hasn't even tried.
  • From Video Games Awesome!'s Minekraft Kombat tournament, the Kool Aid man using his "Oh Yeah!" wall crash as a fatality move.
  • We Regret Nothing.
  • Suede is back in Suburban Knights. It was amazing and proves the amazing budget give that he had to be flown from New Zealand.
    • Hell, what's amazing is that they kept it secret. No one knew until the episode he appeared.
  • Oh, and there's also this.
  • What do you get when you cross Oancitizen, J-Dub, NChick, Lupa, and Todd with Dance Magic Dance? Win.
    • Good sir, you can't just say something like that and not give context to something that awesome.
    • Oancitizen's review of The Man Who Fell to Earth.
  • Kyle Hebert is an Asshole. The entire thing.
  • Analyzing Super Columbine Massacre RPG on its artistic merits, instead of a biased review.
  • Doug Walker's answering machine. It's described as the best in the world. He isn't lying.
  • When the site went down Gooky Gox worked almost flat out for nearly two days to get it back up, working on only 3 hours sleep. Now that is awesome.
  • This troper recently wrote a term paper for a cinema class arguing that Suburban Knights represented a new concept in the genre of the indepedent film and, as such, stood as a challenger to the traditional Hollywood blockbuster in terms of cinematography, special effects and storytelling. That paper recieved an A- and the professor, who's cinematic love is Film Noir, is eager to see the 4th year movie.
  • Hot off the sad news that the Critic is indeed hanging up his hat (save for special occasions, on his announcement vid he's explicitly stated to be not dead), Mr. Walker reveals that TGWTG has procured a STUDIO. A legit, STUDIO. They now have a real production base and full on location. The next step is going to be big and awesome indeed.
  • Even though it ends on a Tear Jerker, the director of My Pet Monster deflating the Nostalgia Critic's ego and leaving him a self-pitying wreck in the space of one phone call is chillingly impressive.
  • On May 10th, 2013, the TGWTG family gained a NEW member on their blistered thumbs website: Ross Scott. Why? Because Silent Protagonist Gordon Freeman wears glasses. This also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming given that after leaving Machinima, since he didn't like the new contract, Ross had been put through absolute hell, describing his situation as causing massive amounts of stress and feeling like he was under duress. This is a PROUD day for the internet.
  • After a Twitter account called @TGWTG_Fans.txt was released and was releasing quotes from fanfics without permission of the authors (Humiliating them in the process), most of the critcs (In particular, Lewis, Kyle, Nash, Roses and Leon) all posted that the writers had nothing to be ashamed about. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Malcolm using his Ice Water Challenge to talk about Ferguson and how police abuse their authority.